The Alchemy Pot

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The Oracle has an alchemy pot inside her house that she uses for research. Besides her own work, she can craft special potions for you if you bring her the right ingredients. To ask the Oracle to help you out, visit her house on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Just like the other shops, she will be closed on full-day rainy or stormy days.

If you haven't unlocked the Oracle yet, you can do so once you've reached your second year in the game. Walk up the mountain from Bluebell low-mountain to Bluebell mid-mountain between 8:00 pm and 2:00 am to trigger her unlock event. To reach her house, you've to jump on the bouncy mushroom near the entrance to Bluebell low-mountain to catapult up to the top of the cliff, walk east across the wooden bridge, go down the slide, and then walk east to find her hidden house.

During her shop opening hours, you'll find her standing next to her alchemy pot. Simply walk up to her to see her list of alchemy recipes. You can only request one potion per visit and she will charge you a 1000 G fee. The ingredients she needs must be in your rucksack.

Crop Fertilizer
NameNecessary IngredientsPurpose
Water Fertilizer Pho + Royal Milk Tea + Watermelon + Elli Leaves + Adamantite + Mythic Stone Waters your crops automatically
Speed Fertilizer Spicy Curry + Plum Juice + Mixed Kimchi + Tomato + Ruby + Mythic Stone Speeds up the growth rate of your crops
Bounty Fertilizer Golden Egg + Elli Leaves + Special Salmon + Special Shishamo + Mythic Stone + Stone Tablet Increases your crop harvest by 1 per Bounty Fertilizer used
Consumable Drinks
Stamina Booster Poison Mushroom + Royal Jelly + Elli Leaves + Matcha Tea + Party Choc. Cake + Cappuccino Restore your stamina by 50%
Stamina Saver Supreme Curry + Royal Jelly + Blue Rose + Elli Leaves + Apricot + Strawberry Jam Reduces the amount of stamina used by half-rate; lasts all day long
Angler's Dream Peach + Dogfish Shark + Fish Food Catch fish with one button press; lasts all day long
Night Vision Strawberry + Carrot + Fluorite Help you see further in the dark mine; lasts all day long
Animal Potions
Feline Friend Old Boot + Cat Bell + Pet Food + Magic Red Flower Increases friendship by +10 with your cat(s) and they will follow you around for 1 hour
Canine Companion Old Ball + Dog Bone + Pet Food + Magic Blue Flower Increases friendship by +10 with your dog(s) and they will follow you around for 1 hour
Alpaca Pal White Alpaca Wool + Brown Alpaca Wool + Fodder + Animal Medicine + Elli Leaves + Casablanca Bouquet Increase friendship by +10 with your alpaca(s) and they will follow you around for 1 hour
Wild Animal Friend Deep-Fried Tofu + Great Cheese + Corn + Golden Egg + Bamboo + Rose Honey Increases friendship by +5 with all of the wild animals and they will follow you around for 1 hour

If you have an active request with her, you'll do not need to complete it (or let it expire) before you can ask her to make a potion. Her shop is separate from her message board requests.

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