The Stamina Bar

In the upper-left corner of your top screen you'll see your stamina bar. This blue bar indicates how much energy you can use up before you pass out for the day. Every morning, the bar will be full (blue) and will decrease as you work with your tools. Once the bar is completely empty (red) you'll pass out and be forced to go to bed. You also won't have the option to save your game.

Your energy bar will start out with 200 stamina points. You will lose points as you use work on your farm but you can recharge your points by eating food or using the bathrooms in your house. You will always have 200 stamina points when you wake up in the morning; you can't save up your stamina for the next day.

To restore your stamina, you can go to bed for the day or you can eat food. To eat, open your rucksack and press A when you've highlighted the item you want to consume. The character portrait on the bottom touch screen will then have an "Eat" dialog bubble appear, and then simply press A again to confirm you want to eat that item.

Ways to Decrease Your Stamina
-2Each time you use your Watering Can, Milker, Clippers, Brush, Bell, Fertilizer, or Animal Medicine

Use your Hoe or Sickle at level 1 strength

Plant seeds
-3Each time you use your Axe or Hammer

-4Each time you use a fishing pole, normal or Wonder

You get hit by a wild boar
-5Each time you use a Hoe or Sickle at level 2 strength
-6Refill your Watering Can with water
-9Each time you use a Hoe or Sickle at level 3 strength
-10You get hit by a wild bear or wild bat
-14Each time you use a Hoe or Sickle at level 4 strength
-20Use the geyser to travel

Jump into water before 9:00 pm
-21Each time you use a Hoe or Sickle at level 5 strength
-33Each time you use a Hoe or Sickle at level 6 strength
-50Each time you use a Hoe or Sickle at level 7 strength

Jump into water after 9:00 pm
Ways to Recover Your Stamina
+3Catch a Fish Fossil, Legendary Treasure, or Message in a Bottle when fishing
+5Catch King Fish when fishing
+10Use the toilet room in your house (requires house upgrade)
+20Use the bath room in your house (requires house upgrade)
FULLGo to bed until 6:00 am
variesEat something (wild item, crop, fish, cooked dish, etc.) The stamina recovery will vary depending on the item

You can increase your overall stamina points to a maximum of 300. Randomly on the bulliten board you'll find a request from the Oracle. If you complete her request, then you'll receive Magic Water as a reward. You can only obtain 10 Magic Waters in the game and after that, they won't appear anymore. When you drink a Magic Water you'll increase your stamina points by 10. It does ship for 50,000 G and can be given as a gift to Hiro, Ayame, and Gombe if you didn't care about increasing your stamina.

Later in the game you can build a Hot Spring up near the Harvest Goddess' pond. You need to complete the tunnel between the two towns, have a level 5 bulliten board rank, and have 15,500 friendship (3.5 flowers) with Eileen.

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