The List of Cooking Recipes

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There are a two ways you can discover cooking recipes in Tale of Two Towns; either by cooking it or by being inspired after you successfully cook a recipe. You can find recipe instructions by reading the bookshelves in the villagers' houses. Then you just have to cook it to see if you get inspired to learn a new recipe.

You don't need to know the recipe in order to cook it. If you have the right ingredients and cooking utensil, then craft it using your kitchen to have it documented into your recipe list. There are six categories of cooking recipes and a total of 273 cooking recipes.

  • Salad Recipes: A total of 14 recipes using basic crops and oil. Most dish do not require a cooking utensil. You'll start out knowing the recipe for Turnip Salad.
  • Soup Recipes: 16 recipes using the Pot, which you'll receive on Spring 8 from either Howard (Bluebell) or Yun (Konohana). You will already know how to make Radish Soup.
  • Appetizer Recipes: Many of these 64 recipes used processed items like Butter. You'll start out with 5 recipes: Sauteed Turnips, Roasted Mushroom, Sandwich, Sashimi, and Tofu.
  • Main Dish Recipes: This is the largest category with 73 different recipes and you will only start out knowing the recipe for Marinated Fish.
  • Dessert Recipes: Many of these recipe require a Chocolate Pack, which is produced from Cocoa Trees and then processed at the Bluebell farm. You'll start with the recipes for Cookies and Soybean Rice Candy. There is a total of 54 dessert recipes.
  • Other Recipes: These dishes don't fit in the other five categories. Mostly about drinks and tea, there are 52 total recipes. You'll start out with the basic Cooked Rice, Bread, Strawberry Jam, Hot Coffee, and Hot Milk.

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