Ore Stone


Ore Stone is a rare, foraged item that you'll need to collect for the Big Bed message board request(s). The first A New Bed request from Eileen, which is required for marriage, requests two Ore Stone and 30,000 G. The second A New Bed request will appear after you are married and is needed if you want to have a child. The second one requires five Ore Stone and 50,000 G. In total, you'll need to collect 7 Ore Stones in order to get married and have a child. Once a bed has been upgraded, it will exist in both farm houses; you don't have to upgrade both beds if you want to move between towns.

The stones are also used for Sheng's tool upgrade requests. Sheng will ask you to bring him Ore Stone when you are working on the highest-level tool upgrade requests. You will need an additional 15 Ore Stone for ultimate-level tools: 5 for the Watering Can, 5 for the Hoe, and 5 the Sickle.

Finding Ore Stone

There's six ways you can collect Ore Stone: foraging in the mountain, looking through the completed tunnel, jumping into the rivers, throwing snowballs in Winter, foraging in the tunnel mine foraging spots, and Raul's Item Needed request.

  1. You can find Ore Stone randomly on the ground in any season when searching the mountain area, but only during rainy or stormy weather:
    • Spring: Bluebell Mid or Bluebell High areas during rainy weather.
    • Summer: Konohana Mid or Konohana High during rainy days, and everywhere else on a stormy day.
    • Fall: Bluebell Low or Konohana Low on rainy days.
    • Winter: Bluebell Low, Bluebell Mid, Konohana Low, and Konohana Mid during rainy days. If you visit Konohana High-Mountain area, check in the lower left-corner area. The river has frozen over so you can access a hidden area where you might find an Ore Stone. That little secret area can have a stone in any weather.
    Besides on the ground, you have a chance of finding an Ore Stone if you search the mountain crack foraging spot, behind the waterfall in Konohana Mid-Mountain. There's a chance you will find an Ore Stone regardless of the current weather system.
  2. After you've repaired the tunnel between the two towns and can pass through from one to the other, you can find Ore Stone as you walk through. Check the tunnel path in Summer on stormy days or in Winter on rainy or snow stormy days.
  3. If you have leftover stamina at the end of the day, you can jump into the rivers to try and find random items. You only have a 1% chance of finding an Ore Stone, but it's better than nothing!
  4. During Winter season you can find snowballs on the ground in the mountain area. If you throw a snowball onto the ground, it will break and could potentially drop an Ore Stone. The chances of a stone appearing from a snowball is completely random.
  5. Once you finish Eileen's five tunnel repair requests, you will have access to the hidden mine in the back of the tunnel. If you take a look at any of the four foraging spots, there's a chance you'll find an Ore Stone. The weather doesn't have a factor when finding Ore Stone inside the mine.
  6. On Winter 2, Raul has a request that will appear on the Konohana message board. You need to have at least 12,400 FP with him and be at request level 4 or higher. You have one day to fetch him Fall season flowers: 2 White Roses, 2 Gerbera, and 2 Nadeshiko. In return he will reward you with 10 Ore Stone.

Smashing Ore Stones


The stones can be used for more than just the bed and tool requests. If you smash an Ore Stone with your hammer, there's a chance that you'll find a gem ore metal ore hidden inside. These items can be sold, gifted, or used for additional message board requests.

  • 45% chance: Scrap Metal
  • 30% chance: Copper
  • 3% chance: Adamantite, Mithril, Orichalcum, or Silver
  • 1% chance: Agate, Amethyst, Emerald, Flourite, Gold, Peridot, Ruby, Sandrose, Stone Tablet, or Topaz
  • 0.5% chance: Diamond, Jade, Moonstone, Mythic Stone, or Pink Diamond

If you're trying to find a specific gem from your collected Ore Stones, save your game the night before you go to bed. In the morning, take the Ore Stones out of your rucksack, throw them around your house, and then smash them using your hammer. If you don't get the gem or metal ore you're looking for, then reload your save game to the night before and try again.

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