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The fuzzy sheep can be raised on your farm. The first time you buy a sheep, Jessica will give you the Clippers so you can sheer its wool. Sheep wool can be clipped every four days.

Where you choose to start your game will determine how quickly you can buy sheep:

  • If you start in Bluebell Town, you will receive a cow and a chicken at the beginning of the game. After that, you can buy the lamb from Jessica's shop when it appears randomly in her store inventory.
  • If you start in Konohana Town, you won't get any free animals. You'll need to walk over to Bluebell Town and buy a cow and chicken for your farm. After that, you can buy the lamb from Jessica's shop.

A lamb will cost 3000 G. Once you buy a lamb, you can buy an adult sheep from her for 7000 G. Jessica can breed adult sheep for 2500 G each. It will take two weeks for the pregnancy. Jessica will then return the adult sheep to you barn along with the new baby. The new lamb will have half the friendship that the parent had when you handed it over to Jessica. It will take 20 days for a lamb to grow into an adult if it is fed every day.

Starting in year 2, you can buy Suffolk Sheep. Just like with regular sheep, you can buy the lamb first for 4500 G and then the adult Suffolk Sheep for 10,000 G. Suffolk Sheep will produce Good Wool when you clip their fur.

A regular sheep has a maximum life span of 7 years and a Suffolk Sheep has a maximum life span of 6 years.

Great Wool is produced randomly from a Sheep or Suffolk Sheep that has won the Fall 26 Animal Festival in Bluebell Town. If a Sheep wins the festival, then it has a 20% chance of producing Great Wool. If a Suffolk Sheep wins the festival, then it has a 50% chance of producing Great Wool. There's no need to enter the same animal for a repeat festival win - it won't increase its chance to produce the upgraded wool.

You can convert wool into yarn by using the Yarn Maker machine you can have Eileen construct on the Bluebell Farm.

Item NameShip Price
1 Star to 5 Star
Wool600 G | 800 G | 1000 G | 1200 G | 1400 G
Yarn Ball780 G | 1040 G | 1300 G | 1560 G | 1820 G
Good Wool960 G | 1280 G | 1600 G | 1920 G | 2240 G
Suffolk Yarn Ball1260 G | 1680 G | 2100 G | 2530 G | 2940 G
Great Wool2400 G | 3200 G | 4000 G | 4800 G | 5600 G
Great Yarn Ball3120 G | 4160 G | 5200 G | 6240 G | 7280 G

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