Your Kid

You can have one child in The Tale of Two Towns. The child can be a boy or a girl, and will grow from an in-bed baby stage to a toddler stage and then into a full grown child. The child will then stop growing forever.

Before you can have a child you will need to completed a few requirements:

  • You'll need to be married before the "A New Bed" request appears at the beginning of the season on the Bluebell message board. Your request level must be at 3 or higher. Completing this request from Eileen will cost you 5 Ore Stone and 50,000 G. Your reward will be the Extra Large Bed.
  • You also will need to upgrade your house before you are allowed to have a child. You will need to accept Eileen's seasonal "Renovations?" request on the Bluebell message board, and then activate the Remodel "S" expansion. The house renovation is available from the beginning of the game and will cost you 30 Material Stone, 30 Lumber, and 1,000,000 G.

Eileen will post her request (tunnel, farm upgrade, or bed) on the first day of the new season. If you get married at the beginning of the season, then you'll have to wait until the beginning of the next season for the bed request to appear. The bed request won't appear mid-season. Once you have obtained the Extra Large Bed, it will be in both farm houses.

Information on how to find Ore Stone can be found on the Ore Stone page.

Pregnancy and Birth

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Keep your husband or wife at a full bloom flower level and 31 days after you get the Extra Large Bed and you have the upgraded house size, the pregnancy event will occur. You will wake in the morning and fetch Dr. Ayame to the farm house, where you'll learn about the upcoming birth.

The pregnancy will last 62 days (two seasons). If you're playing as the girl character, your stamina level won't be negatively effected and you still won't receive any help with your farm work.

On the morning of your child's birth, Dr. Ayame will visit your house. After a short cut scene your child will be born and appear in your bed. The baby will be dressed in blue clothes regardless of its gender. Hiro will announce whether your baby is a girl or a boy.

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The gender of your child is set two days before its birth. If you are wanting a specific gender, you'll need to not save your game the night before its birth and have your last save point the day before that.

For example, if your child is to be born on the 3rd of the season, save your game on the night of the 1st but not on the night of the 2nd. When it is born on the 3rd if it isn't what you would like, then reload your save game back to the 1st and play until the 3rd again. If you saved your game on the night before its birth, then no amount of save-game reloading will change its gender.

Your spouse will then pick a name for your child. You can accept or reject the initial name for your child; it won't affect your friendship level in any way. If you don't like the first name, you will be given a list of names to choose from with the last being "Hm, nothing sticks out". Picking that option will allow you to type in a custom 6-character name for your baby.

Growing Up

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The baby will stay in bed for 1 year and 12 days (136 days). During that time you can't pick it up or even talk to it. You can't even give it gifts!

On its first birthday the baby will still be in your bed. You can celebrate its birthday, and every yearly birthday thereafter, by entering your farmhouse after 8:00 pm. After the party you'll go directly to bed and earn +1000 FP each with your spouse and child.

After 136 days have gone by, you will awake in the morning to the sound of your child talking and walking. You can now give it gifts and talk to it every day.

When it is in this "toddler" stage, your child won't leave the farm house. You will see it appear at certain festivals such as the Konohana Cherry Blossom Festival and Children's Festival or the Bluebell Pumpkin Festival.

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The next growth will occur 1 year after the child starts to walk but you need to enter your house after 9:00 pm on a non-festival day to see the growth event. If you go to bed before 9pm on a regular basis then you'll never see your kid grow up!

You will discover that your child has baked a cake for you because of all your hard work. After you eat the cake you'll earn +3000 FP each with your wife and child. At this point your child is now full grown.

The child's schedule will change a little bit once it is full grown. Instead of staying inside the farm house all day, it will walk out into the farm area between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm on non-rainy days. After 6pm, it will go back inside the house. You won't see the child walk around town or in the mountain area.

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