The Board Request Levels

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When you turn in completed message board requests from the villagers and you receive your reward, you will also earn Request Points that add up to your Request Level. You can find your current Request Level rank in your Info notebook; tap the blue book on your touch screen and select the Data category to find it.

Message board requests have a rank on them, located in the upper-left corner of the request. The lowest rank is D and the highest is S (D, C, B, A, and S). The higher the rank of the request you complete, the more Request Points you'll earn towards your Request Level.

Your Request Level will determine how many requests you can accept at one time and the highest rank possible for the requests that will appear on the message board. Some requests will not appear on the message board until you've reached a specific Request Level.

LevelMax No.
Request Ranks
110Rank D only
214Rank D only
318Rank D and C
422Rank D and C
526Rank D, C, and B
630Rank D, C, and B
7 and 832Rank D, C, B, and A
9 and 1032Rank D, C, B, A, and S

Increasing Your Request Level

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When you complete a request to the Go To villager listed on the request, you'll earn invisible Request Points. The rank of the quest you complete and the freshness of the item you are handing over will determine how many RP you'll receive. After you've earned enough RP, your Request Level will increase.

  • The rank will give you a base value depending on the rank. Rank D requests will earn you 10 RP, Rank C is 20 RP, Rank B is 30 RP, Rank A is 40 RP, and Rank S is 50 RP.
  • The base RP you've earned is then multiplied by a number determined by the freshness of the items that you've turned in. Above 95 points will earn you 2x the base RP! From 95 to 71 freshness points (Super Fresh!) you'll get a 1.5x multiplier, 70 to 56 FP (Fairly Fresh) is 1.25x, and 55 to 41 (Fairly Fresh) does not have a multiplier. If you turn in a request item that has a Not So Fresh or Getting Bad freshness rating, then you will lose some of the Request Points that you just earned! Ideally, only turn in items that are Fairly Fresh or Super Fresh. For items that don't have a freshness, such as Rocks and critters, you'll automatically get the 2x multiplier.

For example, you have Gombe's "Enjoying a Song" request at Rank C and it is Summer season. He would like you to give him 2 Magic Blue Flowers in exchange for a Flour and 450 G. If you found 2 new Magic Blue Flowers together in the mountain area on the same day and you gave them to Gombe that day, you'd earn 40 Request Points (20 RP [Rank C] x 2 [multiplier] = 40). The flowers will have 100 freshness points because you "picked" them that day.

Now, let's say you found the 2 flowers on a festival day, when Gombe won't be accessible to hand over his request. So you decided to keep the flowers in your bag until the next day. According to the freshness calculations, in the morning the flowers will have 91 freshness points; 100 - (5 [wild item type] + 4 [summer season] - 0 [bag storage]) = 91. When you turn the 2 Magic Blue Flowers to Gombe, you'll get 30 RP (20 x 1.5 = 30). Just by having to wait a day, you lost 10 Request Points.

When you earn enough Request Points, you will earn a new Request Level!

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