Game Controls

The buttons used to play the game are not overly-complicated. All of the game's actions appear on the top screen of the Nintendo DS while the bottom screen is reserved for your rucksack and inventory. There is no way to customize the game's controls.

Directional PadMove your character
When focus is on the touch screen, move through the items and menus
A ButtonTalk to a villager
Confirm selections
Jump on your horse
Pick up items off the ground
Use an equipped tool
B ButtonCancels a selection
Jump off your horse
Jump in the air
When focus is on the touch screen, closes the opened menu
X ButtonOpens your rucksack instead of tapping on the icon on your touch screen
Y ButtonWhen holding an item, places the item back in your rucksack
Start ButtonNot Used
Select ButtonChange the map view when in town
Left Shoulder ButtonToggle between run-mode and walk-mode
When viewing your rucksack, pages to the left
Right Shoulder ButtonAssign a tool to the A Button
When viewing your rucksack, pages to the right
When talking to a person, removes dialog box so you can see their full portrait

If you are playing the Nintendo DS game on a Nintendo 3DS console, you can hold down the Nintendo 3DS' Select button to play the DS game in its native screen resolution and not streched out to fit the size of the Nintendo 3DS screen width.

You can use your stylus on the lower touch screen to navigate through your rucksack or when placing items in the shipping bin, but the touch screen is not used to move your character around.

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