Bee Huts

You can raise honeybees on your Bluebell Farm if you have Eileen build Bee Huts. These bee boxes are available when Eileen begins to offer renovations for your farm. There are six bee huts and you need to build each one at a time.

  1. 10,000 G and 5 Branches
  2. 20,000 G and 10 Branches
  3. 30,000 G and 15 Branches
  4. 40,000 G and 20 Lumber
  5. 50,000 G and 20 Lumber
  6. 60,000 G and 20 Lumber

Seeding the Bee Hut

screen shot

After you build a bee hut, you need to entice bees to live there. In the mountain area you'll find Honeycomb during Spring and Fall seasons. The Honeycomb can be found on trees or in the mountain foraging spots. You then need to take a Honeycomb and place it in your Bee Hut. You only have to seed a Bee Hut with a Honeycomb once per year. Once the hut has been seeded then it will produce honey until the end of Fall. You also can't remove or swap a Honeycomb once it has been placed in the Bee Hut.

The star rank of the Honeycomb you use in the Bee Hut will determine the starting star rank of the honey it produces. The further you are in the game, the higher the star rank of the items you pick up in the mountain. Once you reach year 5 you can find items with a maximum star rank of 4.5 stars, but you will need to wait until year 10 before you can start finding wild Honeycomb with 5 stars.

Another option for Honeycomb is through message board requests from Eileen. She will post a random request on the Bluebell message board that could reward you with higher star rank Honeycomb.

Collecting Honey

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Visit your Bee Huts every morning and look for the buzzing bees. Once you see sparkles instead of bees, you can press A in front of the box to collect the honey. You'll be able to get honey from each Bee Hut once a week. As long as the box is seeded, a Bee Hut will produce from Spring until the end of Fall. Once Winter arrives, the bees go dormant and you can't collect honey or add a Honeycomb to the box until the following Spring.

The weather will affect your honey collection abilities. You can not collect honey on a full day rainy or stormy day. You will have to wait until sunny or half day rainy weather.

To increase the star rank of your honey, you can use perfume on your bee boxes. The star rank of the perfume will determine how many star points (SP) you gain on your Honeycomb and it doesn't matter the type of perfume you use; Spring Perfume works the same as Rose Perfume. Every half star on the perfume's star rank will give the Honeycomb +2 SP (5 star perfume = +20 SP). You can use perfume on the Bee Huts once per day.

There are different types of honey you can collect from the hives, depending on what is growing on your Bluebell farm:

NameSeasonRequirementsShip Price
1 star to 5 star
HoneyAnyThere is nothing growing in the crop fields on your Bluebell farm.310 G | 410 G | 520 G | 620 G | 720 G
Spring HoneySpringYou are growing crops, flowers, or grain in your Bluebell farm fields during the Spring season.360 G | 480 G | 600 G | 720 G | 840 G
Summer HoneySummerYou are growing crops, flowers, or grain in your Bluebell farm fields during the Summer season.360 G | 480 G | 600 G | 720 G | 840 G
Fall HoneyFallYou are growing crops, flowers, or grain in your Bluebell farm fields during the Fall season.360 G | 480 G | 600 G | 720 G | 840 G
Fruit HoneyAnyYou are growing a fruit tree on your Bluebell farm (not a Tea Tree). You will need Eileen to complete the Make Field "C" expansion on your Bluebell farm, which will open up a field behind your house large enough to plant one big tree. After that you'll have a 30% chance of getting Fruit Honey from a Bee Hut.380 G | 510 G | 640 G | 760 G | 890 G
Rose HoneyAnyYou need to grow roses on all available crop spaces on your Bluebell farm. You can buy rose seeds from Cam's Flowers: Pink Rose (260 G) in Spring, Red Rose (660 G) in Summer, and White Rose (200 G) in Fall. When collecting honey, you still only have a 10% chance of receiving Rose Honey instead of a seasonal honey. If you're growing a fruit tree for Fruit Honey or any other seasonal crop on your Bluebell farm, you can't obtain Rose Honey480 G | 640 G | 800 G | 960 G | 1120 G

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