The Alpaca

Alpacas are animals that you can collect Alpaca Wool from. There are two colors of alpacas, brown and white, but the money you earn for shipping the wool is the same. The colors are just a matter of player preference.

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The alpacas will be for sale starting in Fall of year 2. Visit Jessica's shop in Bluebell to check her random inventory. Each adult alpaca will cost you 18,000 G. Alpacas do not have a baby-form and Jessica will not breed alpacas for you. Alpacas have a maximum life span of 6 years.

To clip the alpaca's wool, use the same Clippers you use for sheering sheep. Alpaca wool will grow back every 6 days and the more hearts your alpaca has, the higher star rank the wool will be. You can feed the alpaca treats to increase its products produced daily but you won't need to use regular Treats. Only the Grain Treat, Vegetable Treat, and Nutra Treat will increase its productivity levels.

When you first purchase an alpaca, it will be shy and will run away from you. This is normal. As you raise your friendship with the alpaca, the animal will stop fleeing. At a high level of friendship, the alpaca will happily bounce around your farm.

You can convert alpaca wool into yarn by using the Bluebell farm yarn maker machine. White Alpaca Yarn takes 15 hours to produce once you place the White Alpaca Wool into the yarn maker, but for some reason Brown Alpaca Yarn takes over 22 hours to convert into Brown Alpaca Wool. Both yarns ship for the same amount of money.

Item NameShip Price
1 Star to 5 Star
Brown Alpaca Wool3600 G | 4800 G | 6000 G | 7200 G | 8000 G
Brown Alpaca Yarn4800 G | 6400 G | 8000 G | 9600 G | 11,200 G
White Alpaca Wool3600 G | 4800 G | 6000 G | 7200 G | 8000 G
White Alpaca Yarn4800 G | 6400 G | 8000 G | 9600 G | 11,200 G

Alpacas go on sale the same season as the first alpaca-based Animal Festival in Bluebell Town. The chances that you'll win the Animal Festival on Fall 26 with your new alpaca are fairly slim, but it will help your chance to place in the festival if you feed treats to your alpaca. Alpacas will earn +2 friendship if you use Vegetable Treats and Grain Treats, and +1 friendship if you use Treats or Nutra Treats. You can only participate in the Animal Festival if you live in Bluebell Town.

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