The Mountain

Since the tunnel between the towns is not useable, thanks to the Harvest Goddess, you will need to travel across the mountain to visit the other town. Each side of the mountain has a low, mid, and high area connected by the mountaintop area where festivals take place.

Bluebell Side

Bluebell Low-Mountain
Bluebell Mid-Mountain
Bluebell High-Mountain

Konohana Side

Konohana High-Mountain
Konohana Mid-Mountain
Konohana Low-Mountain

The mountain is full of things to pick up, areas where you can go fishing, and wild animals you can befriend. There are even zip lines that travel through an area, jump mushrooms you can use to scale out-of-reach locations, and slides to take you back down to the main pathway. To use a travel mushroom, press B to jump onto it and bounce away. Zip lines are activated by pressing the A button. If you leave the zip line right before it ends, then you'll have a GOOD dismount and won't crash into a tree.

The mountain also has a lot of wild items you can pick up off of the ground. There are special foraging spots where you can collect up to 5 items per day. The items found in these foraging spots will vary depending on the season you're in and the current weather conditions.

Information on how to find Ore Stone can be found on the Ore Stone page.


There are also large boulders that block pathways and shortcuts through the mountain area. These rocks will be destroyed by the wild bears as you repair the tunnel between the towns. You do not have to befriend the bears to break the boulders. The bears hibernate during Winter and are not available to destroy the boulders during that season.

To activate a bear event, walk into the area with the boulder between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm on a sunny day after you've completed a tunnel repair. The boulders are smashed in a specific order:

  1. Konohana Mid-Mountain: Opens the lower path between Konohana Mid-Mountain and Konohana High-Mountain. Requires Tunnel Repair #1 to be completed.
  2. Konohana Mid-Mountain: Opens the path in the northwest corner to Konohana High-Mountain. Requires Tunnel Repair #2 to be completed.
  3. Konohana Mid-Mountain: Unlocks the jump mushroom shortcut back up to the path. Requires Tunnel Repair #3 to be completed (basically, the tunnel has been reconnected).
  4. Bluebell High-Mountain: Unlocks the jump mushroom to reach the area below the bridge. Requires Tunnel Repair #4 to be completed (the lower tunnel pathway).

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