Getting Married

If you choose to marry in The Tale of Two Towns, you have 12 marriage candidates to select from. There are 6 girls if you are playing as the boy hero and 6 boys if you are playing as a girl. You can not marry someone of your own gender. Marriage cannot be undone once you propose to your spouse; there is no divorce in Harvest Moon games. If you don't like your spouse anymore, then you will have to start a new game.

The Oracle

Spouses in the game don't work on your farm, cook a daily meal, or bring in any income. Once you are married you can celebrate your birthday by going into your house after 8:00 pm to get a dinner party. You can't celebrate your birthday until after you're married. You will also celebrate your wedding anniversary the same way.

Marriage Requirements

- Year 2 or later
- 60,000 FP (full flowers)
- Big Bed
- All Flower events (if required)

The first thing you need to do is introduce yourself to your future spouse! Some of the marriage candidates are available from the beginning of the game, but some others aren't available until later in the game.

Once you've talked to a person at least once, you can begin to give them gifts to increase friendship with that person. Each flower marker on the person's conversation box indicates the current friendship level you have with that person; 1 flower is below 10,000 FP, 2 flowers is between 10,000 FP and 20,000 FP, and so on. You need to be at 60,000 FP before you can marry him or her.

Each person had different gift preferences and you can only give 1 gift per day. The best gift you can give will earn you +800 Friendship Points. If the gift is something the person likes you'll earn +300 FP. If the person is indifferent towards your gift then you'll only earn +50 FP. Give the best gift you possibly can per day in order to quickly raise friendship with the person.

The Big Bed needs to be in your house so that your spouse has somewhere to sleep. You do not need to remodel your house in order to get married. Once you reach year 2 in the game, check the message board in the town you are living in for the Bed Build request from Eileen. She will post it once you are at Request Level 3 and Eileen has over 7750 FP. To complete the quest, bring her 2 Ore Stones and 30,000 G to get a larger bed for your house.

Dates and Flower Events

screen shot

You can also raise friendship with a marriage candidate by going out on a date with the person. Once you reach at least 5000 FP with a marriage candidate, you can talk to him or her to ask about going on a date.

On certain days of the week, talk to the person twice to be prompted to go on a date. Each person has three times per week that you can ask about dating. If you ask at the right time, you will be given three locations to choose out of five possible choices. Each person has two places they like, one place that they are okay going to, and one that they really are not fond of. If you select a good spot, you'll earn +100 FP. If you pick the bad spot, you will lose 100 FP. After you are married, you can go on dates with your spouse and your farmhouse becomes a sixth place for a date location.

You can only go on one date per day per person and dates can't trigger on festival days, stormy days, or if you haven't talked to the person for at least 7 days. You can continue to go on dates with the marriage candidates once you are married, but you will start to earn jealousy points with your spouse if you do.

Flower Events

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Most of the marriage candidates have flower events that you must trigger before you can marry him or her; Alisa and Dirk do not have any flower events so the events are not required for their marriage. These are the same as "heart events" from past Harvest Moon games. The flower events can be viewed when you are at the required color for the event or higher. To trigger a flower event, you will need to go on a date with the person at the right time for the event to occur. Instead of the standard date scene, you'll see the flower event instead.

Flower events are available at purple (10,000 FP), blue (20,000 FP), green (30,000 FP), and yellow (40,000 FP) flower colors.

Each flower event can only be viewed once. During the event you'll be prompted to respond to the person. A positive response can earn you between 2000 and 3000 bonus FP, but a negative choice will cost you between 2000 and 3000 FP.

Some of the flower events have extra requirements, such as friendship with other villagers or a specific type of weather.

Jealousy Points


Once you reach the green flower event with a marriage candidate, the other candidates will start to accumulate jealousy points if they have more than 5000 FP. Each time you trigger a green or yellow flower event, you'll earn more jealousy points with the other marriage candidates.

Some candidates will earn jealousy points faster than others. The Oracle will actually earn +2 JP if you trigger a blue flower event with another girl! Also once you propose marriage to someone, or you experience a reverse proposal, all of the remaining candidates will automatically earn +5 JP.

After you are married, you will still rack up jealousy points with the old marriage candidates. If you go on a date with your wife or husband, you will get +1 jealousy point with the people you didn't marry. If you decide to go on a date with one of the old candidates, you'll earn +3 JP with your spouse!

Once you reach 10 JP with a person, he or she will stop giving you a friendly greeting. The person will also stop accepting your gifts, posting message board requests, or ask you about going on a date. If you get prompted to apologize to the person, then it might be a good idea to do so!

Accumulating JP points might be worrisome, but the fact that they reset so easily means you may never have a problem with the jealousy point system. Going on a date with someone will reset that person's JP back to zero. Even simply taking first place in some of the festivals will reset the JP to zero if the candidate attended the festival. Basically it is good to know that the jealousy point system exists, but it is such a minor issue that you might never even notice it.

Proposal and Wedding

After you have completed the basic marriage requirements, you can propose marriage. The Blue Feather will appear in both Raul and Enrique's shops once you have reached 50,000 FP (pink flower) and you are in year 2 or later. The feather can be bought from either shop, but you can only buy it once; if you somehow lose it, then it is gone. The Blue Feather will cost 10,000 G. You can only propose marriage on Sunny or Snowy days.

You do not need to go on a date to propose marriage. Simply give the Blue Feather to your potential spouse as a gift, and then watch the cut scene that follows. Your wedding will take place a week later. If the wedding was scheduled to occur on a festival day or villager's birthday, then the ceremony will be pushed to the first normal day afterward. The wedding date does not appear on your calendar.

The wedding will take place on the mountain summit. Nathan and the villagers of your town will be there to witness your wedding ceremony. There are no special wedding clothes; you will be wearing whatever outfit you chose to wear before you went to bed that night. If you marry the Oracle, then the Harvest Goddess is the one who presides over the ceremony and there are no other attendees. After the ceremony is over, the game credits will appear and then you'll return back to your house.

You can still trigger date scenes with other people even if you're engaged to be married.

Reverse Proposals

If you are playing as a girl, you can have the boys propose to you instead! You do not need to own the Blue Feather to trigger a reverse proposal. Only Ash, Hiro, and Kana have reverse proposals.

screen shot

To activate a reverse proposal the boy must be at 65,000 FP, which is the maximum number of friendship points possible. When the boy has a full bloom red flower you'll be at 60,000 FP, so you need to continue to give the person gifts until you are comfortable that he has reached the required friendship point value.

The next step is to trigger a date scene and select a preferred location. After the normal date conversation, the boy will want to tell you something important. You'll then be transported to the Harvest Goddess' Pond where you will receive the Blue Feather from the boy. He will then explain how he feels about you and ask for your hand in marriage. If you accept his proposal then you will married a week later, but if you reject the marriage proposal then you lose 15,000 FP with him!

Married Life

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After the wedding and the game credit, you will return to your farm house. Your spouse will ask what nickname you would like him/her to call you. You can put in your normal name or pick something cute. Once you've selected your nickname you can't change it!

Now that you're married, you can celebrate birthdays and your wedding anniversary (which now appears on your calendar). Go into your house after 8:00 pm to have a dinner with your spouse when the day is your birthday, your spouse's birthday, your child's birthday, or your wedding anniversary. You will earn +1000 FP with your family members for triggering the special meal event.

If you want to have a child, you will need to wait 31 days after the wedding, have the second bed upgrade, and have your house reformed. The house upgrade will cost you 30 Material Stone, 30 Lumber, and 1,000,000 G.

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Another thing that can happen is your spouse can become unhappy if you ignore him or her for 31 days and your spouse's friendship level is at 2 Flowers or less. When you wake up in the morning, your spouse will complain that he/she is not feeling well. You're always busy working! If you tell your spouse that today you'll stay close, you will earn +3000 FP with your spouse. If you respond by telling him/her that you're leaving for work anyway, then you'll get -3000 FP.

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