Normal Requests

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The yellow paper Normal Requests will be the most common request posted on the message board. New requests will appear throughout the season and when they expire, new ones will take their place. These requests will repeat on a regular basis whether you've accepted (and completed) the request or you naturally allow them to expire off the board.

Each villager has about four Normal Requests that they post on their town's message board. The uniqueness of reward you receive for completing the request will not vary depending on which of the four you accepted. The villager will give you the same type of reward no matter which one you select. The reward will vary depending on the rank of the request.

For example, Cam's "For a Cat" and "Need a Meal!" requests will ask for different items, but the reward for both requests at rank D will be the same: 209 G and Herb Tea (Can).

If you have a Request Level of 10 (the maximum level), the Harvest Goddess randomly will post a request on the message board of the town you are living in. She can ask for fruits and vegetables, alcohol, Strawberry Candy, and Golden Milk. In exchange, she will reward you with Strawberry Seeds (Rank D); Strawberry Seeds, Yam Seeds, and Jade (Rank C); Strawberry Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, and Moon Stone (Rank B); or Strawberry Seeds, Pineapple Seeds, and Diamond (Rank A).

The Oracle can also post random requests, but she does so on the Bluebell message board. Her requests won't appear until you are at Request Level 10. The Oracle's S-rank request may reward you with Magic Water, which is the only item in the game that can permanently increase your stamina by 10 points. There are only ten Magic Waters available in the game.

Bluebell Normal Requests

VillagerRequest Names and Requested ItemsRank Rewards
Alisa Food (western-style cooked dishes)
For the Goddess! (salad, soup, appetizer, main dish, western-style dessert cooked recipes)
To Grow (seeds)
Hospitality (tea leaves, etc.)
Rank A: Fall Wine, Spring Wine, 2300 G
Rank B: Wine, 424 G
Rank C: Wine, 224 G
Rank D: Wine
Ash A New Product (veggies, fruit, milk products, etc.)
For Cheryl! (dessert recipes)
Midnight Snack (western-style cooked recipes)
For Cheryl! (fruit, milk, honey)
Rank A: Flour, Gerbera Seeds, Vegetable Stir Fry, 2500 G
Rank B: Flour, Treat, 150 G
Rank C: Chicken Feed, 520 G
Rank D: Chicken Feed, 250 G
Cam Flowers, Please! (flowers or herbs)
For a Cat (fish or milk products)
Need a Meal! (western-style cooked recipes)
Ore Please (ore, gem)
Rank A: Carnation Seeds, White Rose Seeds, 3150 G
Rank B: Margaret Seeds, 660 G
Rank C: Black Tea (Can), 488 G
Rank D: Herb Tea (Can), 209 G
Cheryl Beauty Treatment (fruit, honey, western-style dessert cooked recipes)
Dressing Up (flowers, herbs, perfume)
For Ash (western-style cooked recipes)
To Protect Ash! (critters)
Rank A: Butter, Honey Shake, Jersey Milk
Rank B: Butter, Milk
Rank C: Milk
Rank D: Milk
Diego Doing Deals (flowers, herbs)
It's a Secret! (drinks) Meal, Please! (salad, soup, appetizer, main dish cooked recipes)
Product Research (fruit, veggies, seeds)
Rank A: Fruit Honey, 3280 G
Rank B: Fruit Honey, 480 G
Rank C: Honey, 340 G
Rank D: Honey, 40 G
Enrique Doing Deals (critters, fish)
It's a Secret (Fish Fossil, Legendary Treasure, etc.)
Meal, Please! (cooked recipes)
Share, Please (veggies, fruit, milk products, cooked recipes, etc.)
Rank A: Chili Pepper, Curry Powder, Oil, 2480 G
Rank B: Curry Powder, Oil, 480 G
Rank C: Oil, 500 G
Rank D: Oil, 200 G
Eileen Help! (flowers or herbs)
Help! (material stone or lumber)
Help! (western-style dessert cooked recipes or drinks)
Need a Snack (western-style cooked recipes)
Rank A: Blueberry, Fruit Wine, 2630 G
Rank B: Blueberry, 750 G
Rank C: Honeycomb, 525 G
Rank D: Honeycomb, 225 G
Georgia Diet (asian-style dessert cooked recipes)
Frustration (western-style cooked recipes)
Special Feed! (fruit or veggies)
Special Medicine! (fish, fruit, flowers, veggies)
Rank A: Animal Medicine, Okonomiyaki, 2550 G
Rank B: Animal Medicine, 300 G
Rank C: Udon Noodles, 422 G
Rank D: Udon Noodles, 122 G
Howard I Need Style! (wool)
New Recipe? (western-style cooked recipes)
Secret Recipe! (fruit, flowers, herbs, milk products, wild items, honey, flour, jam)
Trouble! (material stone or lumber)
Rank A: Royal Milk Tea, Party Cake, 2150 G
Rank B: Black Tea (Can), 688 G
Rank C: Black Tea (Can), 488 G
Rank D: Black Tea (Can), 188 G
Grady For Horse (fodder, etc.)
Meal, Please! (salad, soup, appetizer, or main dish cooked recipes)
Pet Treat (fruit)
Share, Please! (fruit or veggies)
Rank A: Nutra Treat, Vegetable Treat, 2200 G
Rank B: Treat, 300 G
Rank C: Horse Treat, 450 G
Rank D: Horse Treat, 150 G
Jessica Food, Please! (western-style cooked recipes)
For the Cows (tea leaves)
Making Rare Cheese (herbs and flowers)
Mending (wool)
Rank A: Butter, Cheese, Fodder, 3089 G
Rank B: Butter, Fodder, 500 G
Rank C: Fodder, 540 G
Rank D: Fodder, 240 G
Laney Borrow Tea Leaves (tea products)
Dessert Research! (flowers or herbs)
Normal Ingredients (western-style cooked recipes)
Recipe Research! (veggies, fruit, milk products, honey, jam, flour)
Rank A: Cherry Tree Seed, Sponge Cake, 3325 G
Rank B: Cherry Tree Seed, Sponge Cake, 525 G
Rank C: Sponge Cake, 425 G
Rank D: Sponge Cake, 125 G
Mikhail Borrow Ingredients (veggie or fruit)
Food, Please! (western-style or asian-style cooked recipes)
Fruit, Please! (fruit)
Souvenir, Please! (tea or beverage)
Rank A: White Bouquet
Rank B: Colorful Bouquet
Rank C: Colorful Bouquet
Rank D: Colorful Bouquet
Nathan Bad Old Habits (fish fossil, legendary treasure, small coin, etc.)
For the Goddess! (fruit or veggies)
For the Goddess! (flour, jam, milk products)
Hospitality (drinks, wine, fruit, pickled goods, veggies)
Rank A: Bread, Honey, Sponge Cake, 3055 G
Rank B: Bread, Pudding, 466 G
Rank C: Bread, 490 G
Rank D: Bread, 190 G
(Req. lvl 10)
Alpaca! (alpaca wool)
For Research (ore, critters, flowers, herbs, yarn, honey)
Weak Tummy (asian-style or western-style cooked recipes)
Weak Tummy (asian-style or western-style dessert cooked recipes, fruit, veggies)
Rank S: Magic Water
Rank A: Royal Jelly
Rank B: Royal Jelly
Rank C: Royal Jelly
Rank D: Royal Jelly
Rose It's a Secret! (flower, herbs, wool, fish)
Lovely Rutger (western-style cooked recipes)
Oh no! Dinner! (milk products, honey, wool)
Oh no! Dinner! (pretty much anything else)
Rank A: Chicken Feed, Cocoa Pack, Oil, 2470 G
Rank B: Chicken Feed, Oil, 620 G
Rank C: Chicken Feed, 520 G
Rank D: Chicken Feed, 220 G
Rutger A Date (western-style cooked recipe)
It's a Secret! (flower, herbs, perfume, ore)
Lovely Rose (Red Bouquet)
Mayor Request (asian-style or western-style dessert cooked recipes, drinks, tea)
Rank A: Plum, Rose Honey, 3050 G
Rank B: Eel, Plum, 390 G
Rank C: Plum, 450 G
Rank D: Plum, 150 G

Konohana Normal Requests

VillagerRequest Names and Requested ItemsRank Rewards
Ayame Adult Beverage (tea leaves, etc.)
Making Medicine (weeds, herbs, flowers)
Making Medicine (Poisonous Mushroom, Failed Dish)
Midnight Snack (asian-style cooked recipes
Rank A: Cabbage Seeds, Eggplant Seeds, 2970 G
Rank B: Cabbage Seeds, 500 G
Rank C: Apple Jam, 430 G
Rank D: Apple Jam, 130 G
Dirk Delivery (flour, jam, milk products)
A Present (critters, Fish Fossil, Legendary Treasure, etc.)
My Lunch (salad, soup, appetizer, or main course cooked recipes)
Help Request (fish)
Rank A: Onion Seeds, Potato Seeds, 3310 G
Rank B: Potato Seeds, 630 G
Rank C: Strawberry Rice Candy, 480 G
Rank D: Strawberry Rice Candy, 180 G
Gombe Enjoying a Song (flowers, herbs, critter)
For Nori (asian-style dessert cooked recipes)
Old Man's Craving (asian-style cooked recipes)
Yummy Food! (picked good, fish)
Rank A: Buckwheat Flour, Flour, Yam Seeds, 2280 G
Rank B: Buckwheat Flour, Flour, 430 G
Rank C: Flour, 450 G
Rank D: Flour, 150 G
Hiro Becoming Manly (main dish or appetizer recipes)
For Dr. Ayame (asian-style cooked recipes)
Ingredients Needed (fruit, milk, veggies, flour, jam)
Medical Research (herbs, flowers, veggies, fruit)
Rank A: Pumpkin Seeds, Tea Tree Seeds, 2380 G
Rank B: Green Rice Candy, Pumpkin Seeds, 390 G
Rank C: Green Rice Candy, 410 G
Rank D: Green Rice Candy, 110 G
Ina Crops (fruits or veggies)
Meal, Please! (asian-style cooked recipes)
Need Ingredients (fruit, fish, veggies)
Need Ingredients (wild items, flour, etc.)
Rank A: Chili Pepper, Curry Powder, Seaweed, 2400 G
Rank B: Curry Powder, Seaweed, 400 G
Rank C: Seaweed, 420 G
Rank D: Seaweed, 120 G
Kana For Hayate! (lumber or material stone)
For Hayate! (veggies or fruit)
Need a Meal (salad, soup, appetizer, or main dish cooking recipes)
Riding Snack (pickled items, fruit, fish)
Rank A: Fertilizer, Treat, 2100 G
Rank B: Pet Food, 650 G
Rank C: Pet Food, 450 G
Rank D: Pet Food, 150 G
Mako Having Trouble (critters, asian-style dessert cooked recipes)
Midnight Snack (asian-style cooked recipes)
Share, Please! (drinks, perfume, flowers, herbs)
Super Fertilizer (Failed Dish)
Rank A: Ginseng Tea, Peach Tree Seeds, 2955 G
Rank B: Buckwheat Tea, Peach Tree Seeds, 335 G
Rank C: Macha Tea, 515 G
Rank D: Green Tea, 223 G
Mikhail Borrow Ingredients (veggie or fruit)
Food, Please! (western-style or asian-style cooked recipes)
Fruit, Please! (fruit)
Souvenir, Please! (tea or beverage)
Rank A: White Bouquet
Rank B: Colorful Bouquet
Rank C: Colorful Bouquet
Rank D: Colorful Bouquet
Nori Meal Request (asian-style cooked recipes)
Need to Borrow! (wool)
Need to Borrow! (Tea leaves, milk products, flour, veggies, fruit)
To Go with Wine (picked items, fruit)
Rank A: Bok Choy Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, 2880 G
Rank B: Cucumber Seeds, 450 G
Rank C: Green Tea, 523 G
Rank D: Green Tea, 223 G
Rahi Dessert, Please! (western-style or asian-style dessert cooked recipes)
Flowers, Please! (flowers or herbs)
Meal, Please! (asian-style cooked recipes)
Secret Request (drinks)
Rank A: Ruby
Rank B: Onion
Rank C: Onion
Rank D: Small Coin
Raul Appearances (perfume)
I'll Show Him! (fruit, veggies, flowers, herbs, seeds, ore)
Lacking Hunkiness (milk products)
Meal, Please (salad, soup, appetizer, main course cooked recipes)
Rank A: Black Egg, Curry Powder, Wool, 2680 G
Rank B: Curry Powder, Egg, 460 G
Rank C: Curry Powder, 380 G
Rank D: Curry Powder, 80 G
Reina For Research (lumber or material stone)
For Research (flowers or herbs)
Midnight Snack! (asian-style cooked recipes)
Summoning Courage (fish)
Rank A: Apple Jam, Blueberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, 3097 G
Rank B: Apple Jam, Blueberry Jam, 592 G
Rank C: Blueberry Jam, 562 G
Rank D: Blueberry Jam, 262 G
Sheng Bliss (drinks, picked goods)
Help Me Out! (lumber, material stone)
Help Request (asian-style dessert cooked recipes)
I'm Hungry! (asian-style cooked recipes)
Rank A: Corn Seeds, Strawberry Jam, 2815 G
Rank B: Apple Jam, Strawberry Jam, 335 G
Rank C: Apple Jam, 430 G
Rank D: Apple Jam, 130 G
Ying Food, Please! (asian-style cooked recipes)
For My Panda (wool)
For Sheng (fruit, picked goods)
My Letter... (flowers, herbs
Rank A: Salmon
Rank B: Bamboo
Rank C: Bamboo
Rank D: Bamboo
Yun Course (asian-style cooked recipes)
New Recipe? (veggies, fruit, tea leaves, jam, milk products, flour)
Recipe Research (western-style dessert cooked recipes)
Rich Memories (drinks)
Rank A: Flounder, Sea Bass, 2290 G
Rank B: Eel, 540 G
Rank C: Small Eel, 575 G
Rank D: Small Eel, 275 G

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