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Chickens are a fairly easy animal to take care of. The birds will lay eggs every day and don't need to be brushed or cleaned.

  • If you start your game in Bluebell, then Jessica will give you a free chicken. Your Bluebell farm has a full-size chicken barn that can hold up to 10 birds. The two northern feed bins on the ground will feed 6 birds (3 birds each) and the two bottom feed bins will feed 4 birds (2 birds each).
  • If you live in Konohana, then you'll need to walk over to her shop in Bluebell town to buy them. Your barn can only hold 2 birds and cannot expand to hold any more.

Jessica will sell chickens in her shop. A baby Chicken is 800 G and an adult Chicken is 1500 G. Starting in year 2, you can buy a Silkie chick for 2500 G and after that, an adult Silkie will cost 6000 G. You'll need to buy the chick before Jessica will sell the adult version.

You can also breed your chickens by paying Jessica 700 G and loaning her your bird for two weeks. The baby chick she returns to you, along with its parent, will have half as many hearts as its mother chicken. Chicks take 8 days to grow into an adult chicken, as long as it is fed every day. A Chicken has a maximum life span of 6 years and a Silkie Chicken has a life span of 5 years.

You can obtain Gold Eggs from a chicken after it wins the Bluebell Animal Festival on Spring 26. On odd-numbered years the Chicken festival will take place. If your normal Chicken wins, then it will have a 30% chance of laying a Gold Egg each day, but if your Silkie Chicken is the festival winner then you have a 55% chance of getting a Gold Egg from it. Winning the festival more than once with the same bird won't increase its random chance of laying a Gold Egg.

Every day you can pick up the eggs off of the birds' nests inside your barn. Leaving the eggs on the nests will not hatch into baby chickens. The eggs can be sold as-is or converted into mayonnaise by using the Maker Shed on the Bluebell farm. Cooking them into Spa Boiled Eggs earns you less profit than shipping the normal Egg.

Item NameShip Price
1 Star to 5 Star
Egg144 G | 192 G | 240 G | 288 G | 336 G
Mayonnaise240 G | 320 G | 400 G | 480 G | 560 G
Herb Mayonnaise250 G | 330 G | 420 G | 500 G | 590 G
Silkie Egg240 G | 320 G | 400 G | 480 G | 560 G
Good Mayonnaise310 G | 410 G | 520 G | 620 G | 720 G
Good Herb Mayo340 G | 460 G | 520 G | 690 G | 810 G
Golden Egg1200 G | 1600 G | 2000 G | 2400 G | 2800 G
Great Mayonnaise1260 G | 1680 G | 2100 G | 2530 G | 2940 G
Great Herb Mayo1260 G | 1680 G | 2100 G | 2530 G | 2940 G

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