Farm Summary and Rucksack

Screen Shot

While all of the game's activies are on the top screen, the bottom screen of your Nintendo console is reserved for your held items inventory, the current time and weather, your current outfit, the shipped items list, a map of your location in the world, your total money, and the board requests you've accepted. If you want a close-up map of the town you are in, you can press the Start button.

Your inventory is separated into three bags: rucksack, fish, and insects. To open your inventory, press one of the bag buttons at the bottom of the touch screen or simply press the X Button to open the rucksack. Your rucksack can hold 36 items (3 pages of 12 items each) while the fish and insect bags can hold up to 12 items. You can't increase the size of your rucksack. Like-items will stack together based on their star rank and applicable freshness rating. Paging through your inventory bags can be done by using the Right Shoulder and Left Shoulder buttons, or by simply using the directional pad.

If you fill up a bag with items, you can still use your remaining areas. For example, if you catch a lot of fish and fill up the 12 slots of your fish bag you can still pick up wild flowers, since flowers fit into your rucksack bag and not your fish bag. You just won't be able to put anymore fish in your bag.

  • Rucksack: This area will hold your tools, harvested crops, foraged items, and generally most everything you pick up in the game. The fish bones, long boots, and balls you catch when fishing are also placed here and not in your fish bag.
  • Fish: The fish you catch will be stored in this 12-slot bag.
  • Insects: All of the bugs you collect are placed here until you ship or gift them. Frogs fall into the "insect" category and will be placed in this bag too.

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