The Crop Fields

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Before you can plant crops, you will need to clear the wild grass from your field areas. You'll need to clear the grass whether you're living in Bluebell or Konohana. To find where your field spaces are, walk around the grassy area until the grass appears tall. Then equip the Sickle and use it to cut the grass.

Once the grass has been removed, you can till the soil with your Hoe. You can create holes or trenches to plant your crops in. If you till up the soil and then don't plant anything, the soil will return to normal after 7 days. If another week goes by and you still do nothing, then the tall grass will reclaim the field space and you'll have to cut it down again if you want to use it.

The amount of field space you have will depend on the farm you decide to live on. The Bluebell farm doesn't have much room for crops and the Konohana farm has a lot of space for crops. Even if you're specifically living on one farm, you can use the field space on the other farm. You just have to travel to the other farm in order to tend the remote crops if necessary.

For example, if you are living in Bluebell you can plant the Konohana field spaces with Buckwheat, which is a crop that doesn't require watering. Then you can continue to live on your Bluebell farm and simply have to visit the Konohana farm 35 days later to harvest all of the Konohana-grown Buckwheat.

The amount of field space available will change as you complete Eileen's renovations and make your farm larger.

Bluebell Farm Field Spaces

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When you first start out in Bluebell, you have a small amount of crop space. There's a small area by your farmhouse and then some areas along the path that leads to town.

After you have Eileen built a Bee Hut, some more spaces open up by the huts. Even if you have all 6 huts built, the amount of crop space next to the huts won't be increased or decreased.

The spaces below the pasture area will become available after Eileen completed the third pasture expansion, which allows you to house 16 livestock animals in your barn.

Once you ask Eileen to build the Maker Shed, the space behind your house becomes available. This is the only space large enough to plant a tree on the Bluebell farm. Having a tree growing on the Bluebell farm is necessary if you want your Bee Huts to produce Fruit Honey.

Konohana Farm Field Spaces

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The amount of space you have for crops in Konohana is massive when compared to Bluebell. The beginning crop spaces are much larger. There's even a few little spots for crops just below the animal pasture area. Eileen's renovations will concentrate on expanding your field space. She has five field renovations:

  • Make Field "C" #1 will add 46 field squares to the left of the beginning spaces
  • Make Field "C" #2 will add 58 field squares to the north of the beginning area and field expansion #1
  • Make Field "C" #3 will add 51 field squares north of field expansion #2
  • Make Field "C" #4 will add 30 field squares in the far north of the farm as well as an additional watering can fill-up trough
  • Make Field "C" #5 will add 78 field squares behind your house

You can also add some field space east of your house by having Eileen built the sluice gate and waterwheel.

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