Spring Festivals

Villagers who celebrate their birthdays in this season are: Georgia (04), Mako (06), Harvest Goddess (08), Rudger (16), Ash (20), Cheryl (24), and Nori (27)

Flower Viewing Festival

Konohana Town
Spring 09
- 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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Meet with Ina at the entrance of the Konohana Town Hall. You will need to give Ina a cooked dish before you can participate in the festival. It doesn't matter if you cooked the dish in your kitchen or if you bought it from a shop.

Everyone will gather to watch the cherry blossoms and have a nice meal. You will earn +500 FP with each of the participating villagers: Ayame, Gombe, Hiro, Ina, Kana, Mako, Nori, Rahi, Reina, Ying, and Yun. One group of villagers will be under the main tree while the other group will be near the rest spot. You'll watch a conversation with both villagers and then the festival is finished.

Spring Harmony Day

Bluebell Town
Spring 14
- All day

Depending on your gender, this event will play out differently.

If you are playing as a girl:

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You will receive visitors at your farmhouse door. Walk into your house and the person will follow behind you. Ash will appear if you walk into your house between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm, Cam will be between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm, and Mikhail from 4:00 pm 10:00 pm. You will receive +1000 FP with each boy who visits your house.

Only the boys from Bluebell will give you a gift. Mikhail also needs to be living in Bluebell to get a gift from him. If he is living in Konohana Town, he won't visit you in Bluebell Town on Spring 14.

The gift you give will depend on the flower color of the bachelor:

  • 1 flower (white): Chocolate Pudding
  • 2 flowers (purple): Chocolate Banana
  • 3 flowers (blue): Chocolate Cookies
  • 4 flowers (green): Chocolate Cake
  • 5 flowers (yellow): Chocolate Donuts
  • 6 or 7 flower (pink or red): Choc. Party Cake

If you are married, then your spouse will give you a gift. If your husband is at the Red flower stage, you'll get a Choc. Party Cake, Pink flower stage earns you Chocolate Cake, but anything lower than a Pink color will earn you nothing.

If you are playing as a boy:

This is the day you will give chocolate treats to the bachelorettes who live in Bluebell Town. You will earn +1000 FP if you give a chocolate dessert to Alisa, Georgia, Laney, and the Oracle.

Acceptable gifts include Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Pudding, and even Chocolate Donuts. Any dessert recipe with the word "chocolate" (choc., choco., etc.) can be given as a harmony day gift.

Children's Day

Konohana Town
Spring 15
- 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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On this day you will gather with the other villagers to celebrate the day set aside for the kids. To participate in the festival, you must bring a dessert recipe to the Konohana Town Hall after noon and give it to Ina. You can give her a dish you've made using your kitchen or a dish that you've bought from a shop.

Everyone will gather to drink tea, but the kids will have desserts instead! You will earn +500 FP with Hiro, Ina, Kana, Nori, Reina, and Yun. For Ying and Rahi, you'll earn +1000 FP.

You will also earn +1000 FP with your child if it is old enough to be out of the bed.

Spring Crop Festival

Konohana Town
Spring 25
- 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

1, 6, etc.Turnip
2, 7, etc.Potato
3, 8, etc.Cucumber
4, 9, etc.Cabbage
5, 10, etc.Strawberry

Each spring season there will be a specific crop required for the festival. You can see the type of crop you need to grow on the calendar inside your house. Bring the crop to the Konohana Town Hall and give it to Ina during the festival times. If you don't grow the necessary crop, you can't participate in the festival. Your crop freshness rating has to be at Fairly Fresh or Super Fresh!.

The participants are Ayame, Gombe, Hiro, Ina, Kana, Mako, Nori, Rahi, Reina, Shen, Ying, and Yun.

The chances of winning are based on the freshness and star rank of your crop. To guarantee max freshness, do not pick the crop from your field until the day of the festival. You can increase your crop's star rank in preparation for the festival by using fertilizer on it. If you want 5-star crops though, you will need to use the Seed Maker machine to turn your upgraded crop back into seed and then fertilize/grow it again until it reaches 5 stars.

  • First Place: win an Peridot and +1000 FP with each festival participant
  • Second Place: +500 FP with each of the participants
  • Third Place: +500 FP with each of the participants

Animal Festival

Bluebell Town
Spring 26
- 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

screen shot

If you are on an odd number year (1, 3, 5, etc.) then this will be a Chicken Festival. If you are on an even number year (2, 4, 6, etc.) then this day will be the Cow Festival.

You don't have to take your animal to the Town Hall after noon. Just go there and talk to Rutger in order to select the animal you wish to enter. The animal you select can't be a baby, pregnant (in the case of cows), or sick. The festival villager participants are Ash, Cam, Cheryl, Georgia, Grady, Irene, Jessica, Laney, Rutger, and Rose. Random, non-villager characters can appear as festival participants too.

The number of hearts your entered animal has will determine your chances of winning first place. If you enter an animal with 10 hearts, you're guaranteed to be the grand prize winner. At 6 hearts you have an 80% chance of being the champion, 5 hearts is 50%, 4 hearts is 20%, and it continues down from there. You can not win 1st place if you enter an animal with 0 hearts, but you do have a 20% chance of taking 2nd place.

  • First Place: win Great Fruit Yogurt (Chicken Festival) or "Spring Tea (Can)" (Cow Festival), +1000 FP with each festival participant, and +30 FP with the animal
  • Second Place: +500 FP with each of the participants and +20 FP with the animal you entered
  • Third Place: +500 FP with each of the participants and +10 FP with the animal you entered

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