The Message Board

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If you're looking for something else to do besides farming or raising livestock, visit the message board in Bluebell Town or Konohana Town. The local villagers will post requests to these message boards, asking for someone (you!) to help them out. New requests will appear on the board in the morning and will remain there until the request expires or you accept it and it goes into your Request List.

You can accept requests from both message boards. Just because you live in one town doesn't mean you're trapped with just that town's message board. You are free to travel over to the other town and complete their requests too!

When viewing a town's message board, posted requests will be marked with colored post paper:

  • Yellow Requests will be the majority of requests posted to the message boards. These are Normal Requests and will reappear on the message board on a regular basis.
  • Green Requests are for the Tutorials. These six requests will only appear on the message board of the town you are living in and are to help you get use to your new environment.
  • Red Requests indicate a special Item will be rewarded if you complete it. You will find the Stethoscope, clothing outfits, Hammer, Axe, and other important tools by completing red-colored requests.
  • Purple Requests are always from Eileen. The purple posts on the message board are for Construction Requests, such as farm expansions or repairing the tunnel between the towns. Purple posts only appear on the Bluebell message board.
  • Blue Requests are only from Sheng the blacksmith. He will upgrade your Hoe, Sickle, or Watering Can so the tools are more efficient to use. Sheng's Tool Requests are posted to the Konohana message board.
  • Orange Requests won't appear until you are at Request Level 4 and in year two of the game or later. An orange Help Request only appears for one day and must be completed that same day.

Accepting a Request

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To check a request, move the hand cursor over the paper and press A. The top screen of your DS or 3DS will display the general information about the request, such as who the Requester is, its Deadline, the Rank of the request, and a story as to why the request is being posted. If you want to see more details about a request, press the Y button.

The next page will tell you what the person is requesting. You'll also see the minimum star rank of the item(s) you must fetch. If your collected item doesn't meet the minimum star rank, then the item won't be accepted toward request completion. Some of the items being requested doesn't have a star rank, such as critters, Small Coin, and so on.

Another press of the Y button will tell you what your reward will be if you return the item(s) to the Give To person before the Deadline is up.

The Go To villager is important! Rutger and Ina will post Delivery Requests to their town's message board. The mayors will want you to deliver the requested item to the noted villager and not to them. After you hand over the item to the Give To person, you can then return to the mayor to receive the reward.

To accept a request, press A a second time and confirm you want to Accept and add it to the Request List on your bottom touch screen. You don't have to complete every request that you accept. Nothing bad will happen if you let an unfinished request expire from your list. Item Requests, Construction Requests, and Tool Requests will reappear on their message board at the beginning of the season if you couldn't complete it before the Deadline.

Completing a Request

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Most of the requests you accept will be Normal Requests and will require you to fetch something for the Requester. You will need to talk to the Requester to learn more about the request or to turn over the requested items.

When you have the requested item(s), you will be prompted to turn it over when you talk to the Requester. Simply move the item from your bag to the Requester's green bag. The item must be in your bag before you can hand it over; you can't store it in your Horse Cart or Storage Box and hand it over from there. Press B to exit the bag exchange screen and had over the requested item(s).

If the request is a Help Request, then you just need to talk to the Requester again to have him or her review and approve your work.

Once the request has been completed, you will be given its reward. If the rewarded item has an associated star rank, then the star rank of the rewarded item will be a half-star higher than the highest star ranked item you turn over. For example, if Mako requests that you bring him Mint and you hand over a 1 star Mint, then the Green Tea he gives you as a reward will have 1.5 stars.

You don't have to accept every item from the Reward bag. You can move just what you want over to your personal bag and press B to reject everything else. You also have access to the Toss can in the lower-right corner if you need to throw an item away.

You will also earn +50 friendship points with the Requester. If the request was a Delivery Request from Rutger or Ina, you will receive +25 FP with the mayor and +25 FP with the Give To person. Your Request Level points will increase as well, depending on the Rank of the request and the Freshness of the items you handed over.

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