The Horse and Owl

There are two animals you can own that don't have a festival associated with them. The horse and owl are utility-animals that you can use to speed up your movement between the two towns if you don't have the tunnel completed yet.

The Horse

When you start your life on your new farm, you will have a horse with you. Your beginning horse is a small pony and lives inside your barn. You can ride the horse to the other town and if you happen to leave it somewhere when you go to bed at night, it will return to the barn when you awake in the morning.

If you ever become bored with your pony, you can rent a new horse from either Grady's or Kana's animal shops. Renting a new horse will replace your existing pony; you can't have more than one horse.

There are three types of horses. The pony is the smallest size, the thoroughbred is the medium size, and the shetland is the largest size.

Pony Rental Fee: 5000 G
Unlocks: At the beginning of the game

Thoroughbred Rental Fee: 10,000 G
Unlocks: Complete the first Tunnel repair

Shetland Rental Fee: 20,000 G
Unlocks: Complete three Tunnel repairs and rent a Thoroughbred

If you are using the horse as basic transportation, then you'll discover that the running speed of all the horse types is the same. The main point to the different types of horses is in regards to their horse cart pulling strength. The heavier the cart, the larger the horse you'll need to pull it at a reasonable speed. You can have a small horse pull a large cart, but you won't get anywhere fast!

screen shot

Since the horse is a rental and can be replaced at any time you see fit, it does not have a friendship heart meter. You can feed it Horse Treats if you want and you'll see it give you a heart emotion-bubble in return, but it can never get sick, stressed, or hungry. The Horse Treat can be purchased when it randomly appears in Raul's or Diego's general store inventory for 150 G each. To feed the horse, just toss the Horse Treat on the ground close to where the horse is standing. It'll walk over and eat the treat off of the floor.

Technically you don't even have to feed the horse. Horse Treats are much more useful as an inexpensive gift for raising Kana's friendship.

The Owl

This bird is an extra pet you can get to live in your farm house. You can buy the owl from Grady's or Kana's animal shops once you complete the first Tunnel repair. The owl costs 10,000 G, only comes in one color (white), and can't be sold once you purchase it.

screen shot

The main purpose of the owl is to transport you from the mountaintop platform to one of the two towns. To use the owl, simply walk up to the top of the mountain and press A at the wooden platform. Then you just pick which town you would like to fly to. The owl will not take you from the town to the mountaintop and can not be called on all-day rainy or stormy days.

When you buy the owl, Grady or Kana will mention that you can "train" it. While you can feed it Owl Treats to raise its friendship, you don't have to "train" the owl to fly you from the mountaintop to a town. The owl can fly you the same day that you bought it. No training required!

If you do raise the owl's friendship, it can fly over to you when you're inside the farm house and then sits on your head. Owl Treats randomly appear for sale in Raul's or Diego's general store inventories for 150 G each.

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