Time, Seasons, and Weather

A year in Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns is made up of four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each of these seasons is 31 days long and not the normal 30 days like in most Harvest Moon games. The 1st of a season starts the new season and it ends on the 31st. You will notice a transition between seasons. For example, near the end of Winter you'll see less snow on the ground as it gets closer to Spring.

Each day in the game is 24 hours long. You'll wake up at 6:00 am, play through your day, and go to bed (and save your game) in the evening hours. The game's clock is in the upper-right corner of the console's touch screen, next to the icon indicating the current weather. The clock counts through the minutes and hours. Each 10 minutes in-game is about 20 second real-time. On average, expect to spend between 10 to 15 minutes playing through each day.

The game clock does not stop when you enter buildings. It will stop when you you access a menu or talk to a villager. If you need to pause your game, select your Shipping Notebook or Board Notices menu from your touch screen. Pressing Start or Select won't do anything in the game. When you cancel out of the menus, time will start proceeding again. Looking at the contents of your horse cart does not pause the game.

The latest you can stay awake to is 5:00 am. If you are still up when 5 o'clock in the morning rolls around, your character will collapse from exhaustion and be sent to bed without the option to save the game. Be carefull of staying up too late or depleting your stamina bar if you want to save your game that day.

Daily Weather

The weather in the game has the option to change; the weather you awake to may not be the same weather later on in the afternoon. The weather report can be found by listening to the radio inside of your farmhouse. You will get the radio from a request on the message board of your starting town around Spring 12 to 14 of your first year. The radio will first tell you today's weather and then tell you tomorrow's weather.

If the weather is going to change, it will do so at 1:00 pm. If you had placed your animals outside in the sun, they may find themselves getting soaked by rain later in the day! Make sure you pay attention to the radio and adjust your chores based on the weather.

There are five types of weather patterns in the game: sunny, rainy, snowy, hurricane, and blizzard. If you are going to experience a storm that day, it will occur starting at 6:00 am. You won't have a sunny day and then suddenly find yourself in a hurricane at 1pm. Storms are all-day events and you can go outside during a storm. Some fish and items are only available when the weather is stormy.

A rainy day means that your crops will get watered for you, but all of the shops are closed on all-day rainy days! If rain is predicted for only half a day, the shops will remain open.

Sunny weather can happen any day of the year. Rainy days are only available in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Snowy days are only in Winter. You'll only have hurricanes during Summer season and blizzards in Winter.

My weather is always sunny! How can I make it rain?!

If you are wearing the Wild Outfit (boy players) or Cute Outfit (girl players), the weather will always be sunny the next day if you wear the outfit to bed. If you want rainy days, you'll have to wear a different outfit to bed.

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