Farm Equipment

At the beginning of the game you will start with a set of basic tools. If you begin in Bluebell, you will get a free Cow and Chicken as well as a milker and brush. If you begin in Konohana, you get Turnip Seeds to go along with your watering can, hoe, and sickle. You'll also have a field of full-grown Turnips to harvest.

  • As a Bluebeller, you will get a visit from Rutger on Spring 10. He will want to tell you how you can plant crops. If you ask him to explain crops to you, Rutger will give you a watering can, hoe, sickle, and Turnip Seeds. If you tell him you already know how to plant crops, he will still give you all of the tools except for the free Turnip Seeds.
  • As a Konohanian, you won't get a milker or brush until you buy animals at Jessica's animal store in Bluebell. After you buy a cow you'll receive the milker and brush.

For either town, you must buy a sheep before you will be given wool clippers from Jessica.

The hammer is unlocked around Spring 12 of your first year. If you're in Bluebell, Sheng will visit you in the morning and explain the remodeling system and Sheng's tools upgrade. If you're in Konohana, where Sheng lives, he'll just post the message board request. Vsit the message board in Konohana to see Sheng's request, "A Fine Hammer!". The blacksmith will want you to fetch him 8 Stones and in return he'll give you a hammer.

You also need to get the axe in a similar way. After you complete the Hammer reqeust, give Sheng gifts to raise his friendship and then look on the Konohana message board on the first day of the next season. That is when he'll post the Axe request if his friendship is over 200 FP (so basically one gift). Remember you need to get the Hammer before you see the Axe request appear. Sheng wants you to bring him 8000 G and 10 Branches before he'll give you an Axe.

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