Flower Bouquets and Perfume

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Cam's Flowers is in Bluebell Town next to Howard's Cafe. His outdoor shop is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Cam sells flower seeds you can grow on your farm. He also sells fully grown flowers and his specialties at creating flower bouquets and perfume. Cam will charge you 200 G for each bouquet or perfume bottle that he crafts from your ingredients.

The bouquets and perfume can be shipped or given as gifts. Sometimes you will see message board requests from Rutger for specific bouquets. These two items also have specific purposes:

  • Flower Bouquets can be placed in the Flower "Vase" (which is actually a basket) inside of your house. Putting flowers in your vase doesn't do anything; it is simply for decoration. Bouquets in the vase will eventually wilt.
  • Perfume is used to increase the star rank of honey produced by the Bee Hives on the Bluebell farm. Normally, the star rank of the produced honey will be the same as the star rank of the Honeycomb used to "seed" the hive. Putting perfume on the hive each day will add to the overall star rank of the resulting honey. Each half-star on the perfume's star rank will add 2 star points to the honey with a max of +20 SP for 5-star perfume. The effect of the SP bonus will last until the bees go dormant in Winter. The type of perfume you use doesn't matter.

To make a bouquet or perfume, talk to Cam at his shop and select the proper option. You can then choose to make a bouquet or perfume using three flowers that you have in your rucksack. You can't keep the flowers in your horse cart and remotely make bouquet and perfume out of them.

You can use three of the same flower or three different flowers, but you must use three flowers. The type of flower you use will determine what the resulting bouquet or perfume is. The flowers you collect from the mountain area can also be included, but you will either receive the Colorful Bouquet or Citrus Perfume if you include them in your three-flower combination.

Flower Bouquet

NameFlowersShip Price (1 star to 5 star)
Red BouquetAny combination of 3 Carnation, Gerbera, Nadeshiko, Pink Rose, or Red Rose1380 G | 1840 G | 2300 G | 2760 G | 3220 G
White BouquetAny combination of 3 Marguerite, Snowdrop, or White Rose1360 G | 1820 G | 2280 G | 2730 G | 3190 G
Blue BouquetAny combination of 3 Gentian or Blue Rose1360 G | 1820 G | 2280 G | 2730 G | 3190 G
Sunflower Bouquet3 Sunflower2300 G | 3070 G | 3840 G | 4600 G | 5370 G
Casablanca Bouquet3 Casablanca2280 G | 3040 G | 3800 G | 4560 G | 5320 G
Colorful BouquetAny other combination of 3 flowers144 G | 192 G | 240 G | 280 G | 330 G


NameFlowersShip Price (1 star to 5 star)
Rose PerfumeAny combination of 3 Blue Rose, Pink Rose, Red Rose, or White Rose1880 G | 2510 G | 3140 G | 3760 G | 4390 G
Herb PerfumeAny combination of 3 Chamomile, Lavender, or Mint144 G | 192 G | 240 G | 280 G | 330 G
Flower PerfumeAny combination of 3 Carnation, Casablanca, or Marguerite1380 G | 1840 G | 2300 G | 2760 G | 3220 G
Ocean Perfume3 Sunflower2310 G | 3080 G | 3860 G | 4630 G | 5400 G
Pumpkin PerfumeAny combination of 3 Gerbera or Nadeshiko1390 G | 1900 G | 2320 G | 2780 G | 3240 G
Snow PerfumeAny combination of 3 Gentain or Snowdrop1380 G | 1840 G | 2300 G | 2760 G | 3220 G
Citrus PerfumeAny other combination of 3 flowers144 G | 192 G | 240 G | 280 G | 330 G

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