Georgia lives with her father, Grady, at the animal shop in Bluebell Town. She has a fondness for animals and helps to take care of the horses at their shop. Georgia has an unusual way of talking compared to the other Bluebell villagers and she is a little self-conscious of it.

Birthday: Spring 04

Family: Grady (father)

Favorite Outfit: Work Outfit

Favorite Wild Animals: All wild animals

Disliked Wild Animals: None

Friendship Tips: Georgia isn't too terribly difficult to befriend. She likes a lot of milk-based items. If you have a cow and a cooking pot, you can make Hot Milk for her. Once you get a Jersey Cow, you can start giving her Jersey Milk.

Her special dish, Fried Rice, can be made or you can buy it from Yun's Tea House during Summer season. It costs 220 G a piece though. If it isn't summer, and you're feeling wealthy, you can make or buy perfume from Cam's Flower shop.

Georgia likes a variety of free insects you can pick up in the Mountain area.

Giving Gifts

Favorite Gift
+800 FP
Fried Rice
Cooked Recipe (Main): Oil + Cooked Rice + an egg, Carrot, or Shiitake + Frying Pan
Liked Gifts
+300 FP
Normal Items: Citrus Perfume, Colorful Bouquet, Flower Perfume, Golden Milk, Herb Perfume, Jersey Milk, Letter in a Bottle, Magic Blue Flower, Ocean Perfume, Pumpkin Perfume, Rose Perfume, Snow Perfume, Sunflower Bouquet

Insects: Chattering Cicada, Princess Cicada, Bear Cicada, Atlas Beetle, Hercules Beetle, White Giant Beetle, Crimson Dragonfly, Ancient Dragonfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Lantern Firefly, Mustache Firefly, Emperor Firefly, Spotted Pond Frog, White Morpho, Oki Butterfly, Helena Morpho, Migratory Locust, Emma Field Cricket, Ant Hill Cricket

Fish: (None)

Cooked Recipes: (soup) Vichyssoise, Gazpacho, Bouillabaisse, Corn Soup, (horderve) Arancini, (main) Omelet, Omelet Rice, Gratin, Pizza, Meuniere, Risotto, Doria, Milk Curry, Rainbow Curry, Ultimate Curry, Supreme Curry, Mushroom Pasta, Paella, Stew, Herb Pasta, Spaghetti Soup, Lasagna, Sushi Bowl, (misc) Cafe au Lait, Cappuccino, Hot Milk, Hot Chocolate, Milk Tea, Royal Milk Tea, Honey Shake
Standard Gifts
+50 FP
All other items not listed
Disliked Gifts
-300 FP
Normal Items: Adamantite, Agate, Amethyst, Animal Medicine, Black Tea (Can), Buckwheat Tea Can, Branch, Chicken Feed, Copper, Diamond, Emerald, Fish Bones, Fish Food, Fish Treat, Flourite, Fodder, Ginseng Tea (Can), Gold, Grain Treat, Green Tea (Can), Horse Treat, Jade, Lumber, Matcha Tea (Can), Material Stone, Mithril, Moon Stone, Mythic Ore, Nutra Treat, Old Ball, Old Boot, Oolong Tea (Can), Ore Stone, Orichalcum, Owl Food, Peridot, Pink Diamond, Poison Mushroom, Puer Tea (Can), Ruby, Sandrose, Scrap Metal, Sencha Tea (Can), Silver, Snowball, Stone, Stone Tablet, Topaz, Treat, Vegetable Treat, Weed

Insects: (None)

Fish: All "Large" size fish (except for Large Goby, Large Icefish, Large Killifish, and Large Smelt), Bonito, Moray Eel, Ocean Sunfish, Small Blue Crab, Tuna

Cooked Recipes: Failed Dish, (salad) Boiled Spinach, Cucumber Namul, Tofu Salad, Daikon Salad, (soup) Miso Soup, (horderve) Miso Eggplant, Egg Custard, Sashimi, Fish Paste, Vegetable Stir Fry, Tofu, Okara, Fried Tofu, Dried Tofu, Boiled Tofu, Cold Tofu, Yuba Tofu, Dashi Egg, Simmered Potato, Boiled Pumpkin, Ganmodoki, Boiled Daikon, Shredded Daikon, (main) Egg Rice, Grilled Fish, Fish Stew, Rice Porridge, Natto Rice, Natto Roll, (misc) Green Tea, Matcha Tea, Sencha Tea, Puer Tea, Oolong Tea, Buckwheat Tea, Ginseng Tea
Horror Gift:
-1000 FP
Roasted Eggplant
Cooked Recipe (Horderve): Oil + Eggplant + Frying Pan

Flower Events

Date Information

  • Date Times: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday (11:00 am to 4:00 pm)
  • Date Locations: Good = Grady's Shop, Howard's Cafe, Outside of Town, Okay = Mountaintop, Bad = Waterfall

Purple Flower Event

screen shot

Time: Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Outside of Town
Friendships: Georgia at a Purple Flower or higher

Georgia is asking about your farm work. She wants to know if it is hard to look after your crops and your animals.

  • Option 1: It's a lot of work. (+3000 FP)

    Even though your work is difficult, she never hears you complain about it. She takes care of their animals but she doesn't mind. She wants to know if you like horses, and wants to show you her favorite horse next time. Georgia's glad she was able to talk with you and hopes to chat again some other time.
  • Option 2: It's a breeze! (-2000 FP)

    Georgia is a little annoyed that you think farming is so simple. You must not be very serious about it if you think it is easy! At home she just takes care of their animals every day and it is a lot of work to keep them happy and healthy. Plants needs just as much attention. If you were doing it right, you wouldn't say that it was a breeze. She apologizes for her outburst and then decides to head home.

Blue Flower Event

screen shot

Time: Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Grady's Shop
Friendships: Georgia at a Blue Flower or higher

Georgia shows you their best horse, Dakota. The horse was born when Georgia was 5 years old and they've been riding together ever since. Georgia starts to become annoyed as she talks about Kana from Konohana; that boy is nothing compared to them!

She apologizes for her outburst but there is a horse ranch on the other side of the mountain. They have a rivalry with Kana, the boy who runs the Konohana ranch. The other day he even claimed that his horse is cuter than Dakota! Dakota is clearly is the better horse!

  • Option 1: Who cares? (-2000 FP)

    What did you say? She doesn't think you were listening to her and now Dakota is annoyed with you. The horse starts to bother you until Georgia calls it back. She scolds her horse and then apologizes to you for Dakota's behavior. She then leaves to return it to the barn.
  • Option 2: She really is cute (+3000 FP)

    Dakota loves your response and it even makes Georgia happy. It seems you really have a way with animals. You really are a great farmer! Georgia enjoyed her time with you today and invites you to come by to talk with them anytime.

Green Flower Event

screen shot

Time: Sunday, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Howard's Cafe
Friendships: Georgia at a Green Flower or higher

Georgia is a little nervous, but she finally gets the nerve to ask you if you find her to be strange because of the way she talks...

  • Option 1: Yeah, it's really weird (-2000 FP)

    It seems you've confirmed what she was thinking. They haven't always lived in town. When she was little they moved here after living on a ranch far to the west, which is where she picked up her accent. She was hoping you would find it unique.
  • Option 2: I think it's cute (+3000 FP)

    Georgia hopes that you aren't saying so, but your comment does cause her to blush. They haven't always lived in town. When she was little they moved here after living on a ranch far to the west, which is where she picked up her accent. Georgia was wondering what your thoughts were on her accent, but she never dreamed that you would think that it was cute. She's glad that you don't have any problems understanding her.

Yellow Flower Event

screen shot

Time: Sunday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Grady's Shop
Friendships: Georgia at a Yellow Flower or higher, Grady at 15,000 FP (2 flowers = 10,000 FP) or more

Recently she has been getting into cooking. Georgia use to bake with Laney so she is pretty confident with dessert making, but she is not very good with cooking anything else. She's been inspired to try again though. Georgia gets an idea and wants to know if you'll go on a picnic with her. She'll make some tasty rice balls. She wants you to go ahead and head to the mountaintop. She'll meet you there after she's finished preparing the food.

At the mountaintop, Georgia has made a special rice ball for you. After you eat it, she asks how you liked it.

  • Option 1: Really good! (+3000 FP)

    She's relieved to hear that you liked it. She eats one as well, only to discover that it is much too sweet! Georgia is disappointed that she ended up adding sugar to it. It was sweet of you to lie and tell her that it tasted good! She apologizes for making something so bad; she thought she could at least make rice balls. You try to boost her confidence, and Georgia thinks you're really kind. From today on she's going to study cooking and she is suddenly interrupted right after she asks if she can cook you a special meal.

    Grady has been looking for his daughter. Georgia becomes cross for her father's interruption and runs off, leaving behind a confused Grady.
  • Option 2: It tastes weird... (-3000 FP)

    That isn't a very gentlemanly thing to say. Georgia worked really hard on making it. She is so ashamed that she runs away.

Marriage Requirements

You need to complete the basic marriage requirements of a full bloom pink flower (60,000 FP), the big bed in your house, see her four heart events, and be in year 2 or later. You also need to have Grady at 4 White Flowers (30,000 FP) or more.


Sunday through Saturday; Sunny, Snowy, or half-day Rainy:

  • 6:00 am to 7:00 am - Grady's Animals
  • 7:00 am to 8:00 am - (walking to the horse barn)
  • 8:00 am to 10:00 am - (inside Grady's barn)
  • 10:00 am to 5:00 pm - (in the horse pasture)
  • 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm - (in the horse barn)
  • 7:00 pm to midnight - Grady's Animals

On Thursdays when the shop is closed, she chats with Laney by the flowers

Sunday through Saturday: Stormy or full-day Rainy:

  • 6:00 am to midnight - Grady's Animals

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