The 3DS StreetPass Feature

Besides the extra animal petting mini game and the 3D graphics, the Nintendo 3DS version of Tale of Two Towns has a player-to-player StreetPass feature. When you pass by another farmer who also has the 3DS version of the game, the two of you will randomly swap an item that has been set aside in the StreetPass inbox.

You'll need to set up your Harvest Moon item exchange before you can StreetPass. To do so, select StreetPass from the game's main menu, and then select the save file you want to utilize.

  • To set up your item box, select Send Items
  • To accept items that you've received from StreetPass players, select Receive Items

If you want to disable StreetPass for this game, go into your 3DS System Setting menu. From there, select the Data Management to access your StreetPass Management menu, which lists all of the 3DS games that you have StreetPass enabled. Tap on the Two Towns icon and chose Deactivate StreetPass. You can also see the number of StreetPass hits you've received so far.

Send Items

The items you want to send randomly to other SP-enabled players will reside in your Send Box. You can send everything but tools and Wonderful Stones. Just drag what you want to send from your Bag on the left-side of the screen to the open Send Box on the right side of the screen. If the item you want to send off isn't in your Bag, you can press X to access your horse cart storage.

You can set up a maximum of 12 items in your Send Box. Items will not stack together, so you will only send one Egg at a time and not a stack of Eggs. The item's star rank and freshness level will be preserved in the box and transfers when you StreetPass another player.

Receive Items

When you receive a hit from another HM: The Tale of Two Towns farmer, the game's icon on your 3DS main menu will have a green dot on it. You will also be aware of your hit from the 3DS Notifications menu, even if you don't have the game in your console. To collect your items, access the StreetPass menu in the game and go to the Receive Items box.

The items you collected from other players will be in your inbox. Selecting the present will give you the name of the farmer, the player's farm name, and the date that the two of you passed each other. The present will unwrap when you move it to your Bag. If you run out of room in your Bag, press X to access your horse cart storage to move the gift box into it.

You can leave the Receive Items box when you're finished by pressing the B button. The items that you leave in your inbox will still be there; the box won't simply clear out because you opened and closed it. If you do want to completely clear your box, then drag the presents to the Toss box in the lower-right corner to permanently destroy it.

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