Your Farm Degree

On the touch screen of your console, you will find your farm summary page. This menu will list your farm name, your family information (if applicable), your birthdate, the friendship level between the villages, and your farm degree. The farm degree is a rank that you receive automatically based on the number of farm degree points you have.

The farm degree doesn't have any influence in the game. It is just a special title you can use to compare yourself against your friends. You will be given a new title as you increase your points, but you can't see exactly how many farm degree points you have.

You will earn degree points as you do things in the game. You get points for shipping items, seeing events and festivals, and even simply by talking to a villager. All of your points combine together to make your farm degree title. You can't lose degree points; they only increase.

Point ValueTasks
  • Put an item into the shipping bin
  • Use an equipped tool
  • Catch a fish using your fishing pole
  • Catch a bug or frog
  • Buy an item from a shop
  • Have a flower bouquet made
  • Give a gift to a villager
  • Make a cooked recipe (success or failure)
  • Collect Honey from a bee hive
  • Use the Maker machine
  • Collect a fish from your fishpond (Konohana)
  • Have a wild animal eat food that you place on the ground
  • Bounce on a mushroom, slide down a path, or use the zip-lines on the mountain
  • Use the hot spring
  • Make an item using Oracle's alchemy cauldron
  • Pick up a foraged item from a mountain hot-spot
  • Travel using the geyser in Konohana Town
  • Talk to your livestock / pick up your chicken once per day
  • Talk to a villager once per day
  • Pick up an ore from the mine
  • Use the owl to travel from the top of the mountain to a town
  • Use an umbrella
  • Animal birth
  • Catch a new bug or fish you haven't caught before
  • Complete a Rank D message board request
  • Catch a fish with your bare hands
  • Go out on a date
  • Move from one town to the other town
  • Get a new clothing outfit
  • Have a tool upgraded by Sheng
  • Get a gift from a wild animal
  • Harvest a crop
  • Complete a Rank C message board request
  • Complete a Rank B message board request
  • Complete a Rank A message board request
  • Complete a Rank S message board request
  • Take 3rd place in a town festival
  • Trigger a random event
  • Take 2nd place in a town festival
  • Build an expansion on your farm (house, fields, etc.)
  • Participate in a town festival
  • Trigger a flower event
  • Catch a King Fish
  • Take 1st place in a town festival
  • Learn all of the cooking recipes in a cooking category
  • Reach 10 hearts with a pet (each pet one time)
  • Your child is born
  • Your child can crawl
  • Your child can walk (full grown)
  • Complete the first tunnel repair
  • Complete the second tunnel repair
  • Complete the tunnel basement repair
  • Complete the tunnel mine access repair
  • Get married
  • Complete the third tunnel repair
  • Wake up in the morning; the year you are in times 5
    (Year 1 x 5 = 5 points, year 2 = 10 points, etc.)

Farm Rank Titles

Note: These titles may be different once the English version is released, but the point values will be the same.

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