Grains and Rice

Growing grains and rice is fairly easy to do, but you will have to wait until the seeds unlock at Gombe's Seed Shop in Konohana Town. They can be grown in furrows just like regular crops and can be fertilized in the same way. Unlike normal crops, grains and rice are harvested using your Sickle and not picked up by-hand.

Another nice feature of grains is that you do not have to water the crops. The crops take several weeks to grow, so you simply need to plant and then walk away. Grains are good to grow if you live on the Bluebell Farm and you want to utilize the crop space on the Konohana Farm; just plant the grain seeds in Konohana and check back on them every week or so.

Buckwheat, Soybeans, and Wheat

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The first type of grain you can purchase is Soybeans, starting in Summer of your first year if Gombe stocks the seeds in his shop inventory. The grains are planted just like a normal crop; either individually or in furrows. Fertilizing is the same way as well.

When these crops mature and you harvest them using your sickle, you can turn the crops into flour by using the Flour Mill in the Waterwheel shed. Processing your own flour is the only way you can obtain Soy Flour and Buckwheat Flour. Regular wheat-based Flour can be purchased from Enrique's shop in Bluebell Town.

Note: Shiratama Flour is not made by processing a grain crop. You create it by putting Rice Candy in the Flour Mill. You can buy Rice Candy from either general store during Spring and Winter.

Wheat, Buckwheat, and Soybeans can be grown all year long, including Winter.


Gombe's Shop
60 G
Spring (yr 2+) and Winter (yr 1+)
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Profit

0.5 stars: 150 G
2.5 stars: 270 G
5 stars: 420 G
Growth Time8 days7 days7 days6 daysTotal: 28 days


Gombe's Shop
80 G
Fall and Winter
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Profit

0.5 stars: 200 G
2.5 stars: 360 G
5 stars: 560 G
Growth Time8 days7 days7 days7 days6 daysTotal: 35 days


Gombe's Shop
100 G
Summer and Fall
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Profit

0.5 stars: 230 G
2.5 stars: 410 G
5 stars: 640 G
Growth Time8 days11 days9 days8 days8 daysTotal: 44 days


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Rice can only be grown on the Konohana Farm. You need to activate the Field "C" farm expansion three times before you can access the Make Waterwheel and Rice Paddy "C" expansion. Eileen will request that you bring her 30 Material Stone, 30 Lumber, and 50,000 G. In exchange, she'll build the waterwheel and sluice gate on your Konohana Farm.

To plant the rice, you will need to flood the rice paddy. You can only flood the rice field during Spring season. Press A at the sluice gate to add water to the paddy(s). You will only have to flood the field once per year. Eileen can built three more Rice Paddies for a total of four floodable fields. Each Rice Paddy is a 4x4 square (16 squares of flooded soil).

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After the field is flooded with water you can plant Rice Seedlings. Check Gombe's shop inventory for the seedlings starting in Spring of year 2. He will sell the Rice Seedlings for 90 G each. Gombe also sells them in Winter so you can prepare for the upcoming Spring planting.

Planting the Rice Seedlings is just like planting crops on tilled soil. The rice can also be fertilized by placing a Fertilizer Stick in one of the 16 available field squares. The stick will fertilize the entire paddy until it runs dry.

Rice takes 62 days to fully mature.

Gombe's Shop
90 G
Spring and Winter
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Profit

0.5 stars: 180 G
2.5 stars: 320 G
5 stars: 500 G
Growth Time20 days14 days14 days14 daysTotal: 62 days

If you have Eileen complete a farm expansion request and afterward you notice that your planted rice paddies are no longer flooded, your rice will still continue to grow as intended.

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