Harvest Goddess

The lovely and powerful Harvest Goddess lives in the pond on top of the mountain that separates the two towns. Long ago, the bickering between the towns annoyed her enough that she forced the tunnel between them to collapse, resulting in the situation you find yourself in when you first start the game.

You can meet the Harvest Goddess by throwing a gift into her pond. She'll also pop up from time to time to congratulate you as you raise your farm degree levels. You are the only one who can see her though. HG cannot be married in this version of Harvest Moon and she doesn't have any helper Harvest Sprites.

The goddess' pond is the gateway to the special crop field that you can use by exchanging Friend Codes with your fellow Harvest Moon players. All you have to do is jump into her pond to access it. You can't use the pond until Spring 21, which means that you also can't give her a gift on her first birthday (Spring 8) because the Goddess isn't there yet.

The Harvest Goddess can also grant you special wishes if you collect the six Wonderful Stones.

Birthday: Spring 8

Family: None

Favorite Wild Animals: None

Disliked Wild Animals: None

Friendship Tips: There are more items that the goddess doesn't like than item she does like! Harvest Goddess prefers items that you've produced yourself, such as crops or animal products. Since she also likes the wild flowers that grow in the mountain, it is easier to give her the free flowers and sell your farm-raised items instead.

She does like perfume, but it is more beneficial to ship the perfume for money than give it to the Harvest Goddess as a gift.

Giving Gifts

Favorite Gift
+800 FP
Grow during Spring season
Liked Gifts
+300 FP
Normal Items: Asparagus, Black Egg, Blue Bouquet, Blue Rose, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Carnation, Carrot, Casablanca, Casablanca Bouquet, Chamomile, Citrus Perfume, Corn, Cucumber, Daikon, Egg, Flower Perfume, Gentian, Gerbera, Golden Egg, Golden Milk, Green Pepper, Herb Perfume, Jersey Milk, Lavender, Magic Blue Flower, Magic Red Flower, Mandrin, Marguerite, Milk, Mint, Moondrop Flower, Nadeshiko, Ocean Perfume, Onion, Pineapple, Pink Rose, Potato, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Perfume, Radish, Red Bouquet, Red Rose, Rose Perfume, Snow Perfume, Snowdrop, Spinach, Sunflower, Sunflower Bouquet, Tomato, Turnip, Watermelon, White Bouquet, White Rose, Yam

Insects: (None)

Fish: (None)

Cooked Recipes: (dessert) Strawberry Candy
Standard Gifts
+50 FP
Normal Items: Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Brown Alpaca Wool, Brown Alpaca Yarn, Brown Mushroom, Cherry, Cheese, Chestnut, Coral Mushroom, Fruit Yogurt, Good Cheese, Good Herb Cheese, Good Herb Mayo, Good Mayonnaise, Good Wool, Good Yogurt, Grape, Great Cheese, Great Fruit Yogurt, Great Herb Cheese, Great Herb Mayo, Great Wool, Great Yarn Ball, Great Yogurt, Herb Cheese, Herb Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise, Peach, Sea Urchin, Shiitake, Shimeji, Suffolk Yarn Ball, Trumpet Mushroom, Walnut, White Alpaca Wool, White Alpaca Yarn, Wool, Yarn Ball, Yogurt

Insects: (None)

Fish: (None)

Cooked Recipes: (None)
Disliked Gifts
-300 FP
All other items not listed
Horror Gift:
-1000 FP
Old Boot
Caught when fishing

Daily Schedule

Sunday through Saturday; any weather:

  • 6:00 am to 5:59 am - Goddess Pond, Mountain Top

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