Cats and Dogs

Besides the animals that produce items for you to sell, you can buy pets for your farm. These animals will live inside your farm house and help you manage your other animals by herding them in and out of their barns. Before you can buy cats and dogs, you need to own an animal on your farm that they can manage:

  • Cats will herd Chickens and Silkie Chickens
  • Small Dogs will herd Sheep, Suffolk Sheep, Brown Alpacas, and White Alpacas
  • Big Dogs will herd Cows and Jersey Cows

For example, if you don't own any chickens, Grady and Kana won't have any cats for sale. Each pet will cost you 5000 G. After you buy your first pet, Raul and Diego will start to sell Pet Food randomly in their shop for 150 G each.

The available colors of pets will be randomly set each day. The first two colors are available starting from the beginning of the game and the second color of pets become available once you reach year 2:

You cannot sell a pet once you buy it! You have a limit of 2 cats, 2 small dogs, and 2 large dogs. A pet will never get sick or die of natural causes, so make sure you are satisfied with your pet colors before you buy the second one. The color styles have no affect on the pet's abilities; it is simply a player's graphical preference.

Pet Friendship

screen shot

Your six pets each have a friendship heart meter. You can see this meter if you go into your barn and check the Animal Stats book in the lower left-corner. Each heart marker represents 100 points of friendship (1000 max FP). Increasing your friendship with your pets will help with winning the Bluebell dog and cat festivals as well as determine how many animals the pet will herd in and out of the barn each morning.

The easiest thing to do for FP increases is to make sure there is food in the pet food trough each morning. Pets will earn +2 FP if they eat Pet Food every day. If they don't eat all day, then they get -2 FP. You can buy Pet Food for 150 G each from Diego or Raul's shops when it randomly appears in their shop inventories.

  • +1 FP: Throw the Dog Bone or Cat Bell and have the pet retrieve it, or use the Stethoscope on your pet. You can do this once per day with each pet.
  • +2 FP: Picking up your pet each day.
  • +10 FP: Earn 3rd place in the cat or dog festival with your entered pet.
  • +15 FP: Each day, put the pet in the Pet Playpen you can build on the Bluebell Farm.
  • +20 FP: Earn 2nd place in the cat or dog festival with your entered pet.
  • +30 FP: Earn 1st place in the cat or dog festival with your entered pet.

If you hit one of your pets with a tool, you will lose 15 FP. Be careful when using your tools around your pets! Also, if you ignore your pets and do nothing to increase their friendship for three days in a row, you will lose 20 FP with each pet.

Herding Cows, Sheep, Alpaca, and Chickens

screen shot

Friendship points also affect the number of animals each pet can herd in and out of the barn. When you first buy a pet, it will have 0 FP. Once it has a little bit of friendship with you (28 FP), it will start to herd its animal type from the barn on sunny or snowy days; snow is OK in Tale of Two Towns. The pet will take the animal back inside if it begins to rain half way through the day.

The pets will start herding the animals outside at 7:00 am if it is sunny or snowy. They will bring the animals back into the barns at 1:00 pm if it begins to rain, or the pets will bring the animals outside if it stops raining. The pets will herd the animals back inside by 5:00 pm.

A pet will only herd the appropriate number of animals that its friendship points allow. If you manually brought an animal outside because the dog or cat can't herd the animal yet, don't expect the pets to bring them back inside for you. You'll need to do that on your own.

The maximum number of animals each pet can herd is five. If you happen to own 11 cows and two big dogs, then one of your cows will remain inside the barn while the other 10 are herded outside.

0 Animals1 Animal2 Animals3 Animals4 Animals5 Animals
0 to 27 FP28 to 279 FP280 to 459 FP460 to 639 FP640 FP to 819 FP820 to 1000 FP

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