Fall Festivals

Villagers who celebrate their birthdays in this season are: Cam (01), Nathan (04), Sheng (08), Mikhail (12), Rahi (16), Rose (23), Howard (27), and Ayame (30)

Music Festival

Bluebell Town or Konohana Town
Fall 10
- 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

This festival will occur every year in both towns, but only the town you are living in will celebrate it. It will be a normal day in the other town.

screen shot

Go to the Town Hall in the town you live in at 12:00 pm to start the festival. You and the other residents will be treated to a violin concert by Mikhail and a pianist sub-villager, Elena/Helena. You'll earn +500 FP with all of the villagers who attend this festival.

The music composition that Mikhail and Elena play are from past Harvest Moon games. There are 9 different songs that he can play, spanning Harvest Moon DS, A Wonderful Life, and other Harvest Moon games.

Moon Viewing Festival

Konohana Town
Fall 15
- 8:00 pm to 12:00 am

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Talk to Ina at the Town Hall starting at 8:00 at night to start the festival. The villagers in attendance are Ayame, Gombe, Hiro, Kana, Nori, Reina, Sheng, Yun, and Mako (only if you are not married). You'll earn +500 FP with each of the villagers.

After the festival is over you'll go to bed.

If your spouse is from Bluebell, they will not appear at this festival.

Fall Flower Day

Konohana Town
Fall 18
- All day event

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On this day you'll be giving flowers to the villagers of Konohana Town. For each villager you give a flower to, you'll earn +1000 FP! It doesn't matter if the person is a marriage candidate or what your character's gender is. You will need to talk to each person once that day before the person will accept your flower.

You can give any type of flower except for the Mint, Chamomile, and Lavender, as they are herbs and not flowers. It also doesn't matter what flower you give, whether it is something basic or you go as far as making flower bouquets; you'll only earn +1000 FP no matter what you give.

Fall Crop Festival

Konohana Town
Fall 25
- 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

1, 6, etc.Carrot
2, 7, etc.Yam
3, 8, etc.Spinach
4, 9, etc.Eggplant
5, 10, etc.Green Pepper

Each fall season there will be a specific crop required for the festival. You can see the type of crop you need to grow on the calendar inside your house. Bring the crop to the Konohana Town Hall and give it to Ina during the festival times. If you don't grow the necessary crop, you can't participate in the festival. Your crop freshness rating has to be at Fairly Fresh or Super Fresh!.

The participants are Ayame, Gombe, Hiro, Ina, Kana, Mako, Nori, Rahi, Reina, Shen, Ying, and Yun.

The chances of winning are based on the freshness and star rank of your crop. To guarantee max freshness, do not pick the crop from your field until the day of the festival. You can increase your crop's star rank in preparation for the festival by using fertilizer on it. If you want 5-star crops though, you will need to use the Seed Maker machine to turn your upgraded crop back into seed and then fertilize/grow it again until it reaches 5 stars.

  • First Place: win an Flourite and +1000 FP with each festival participant
  • Second Place: +500 FP with each of the participants
  • Third Place: +500 FP with each of the participants

Animal Festival

Bluebell Town
Fall 26
- 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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If you are on an odd number year (1, 3, 5, etc.) then this will be a Sheep Festival. If you are on an even number year (2, 4, 6, etc.) then this day will be the Alpaca Festival.

You don't have to take your animal to the Town Hall after noon. Just go there and talk to Rutger in order to select the animal you wish to enter. The festival participants are Ash, Cam, Cheryl, Georgia, Grady, Irene, Jessica, Laney, Rutger, and Rose. Your sheep or alpaca must not be sick or pregnant. It is okay if the animal you choose for the contest doesn't have its wool.

The number of hearts your entered animal has will determine your chances of winning first place. If you enter an animal with 10 hearts, you're guaranteed to be the grand prize winner. At 6 hearts you have an 80% chance of bring the champion, 5 hearts is 50%, 4 hearts is 20%, and it continues down from there. You can not win 1st place if you enter an animal with 0 hearts, but you do have a 20% chance of taking 2nd place.

Alpacas can be bought starting on Fall 1 of your second year, which is the same season as the first alpaca judging festival. You will need to watch Jessica's shop for the alpaca to be available for sale and then pump its hearts up quickly by feeding it a Vegetable Treat, Nutra Treat, or Fish Treat every day until the festival day. A standard Treat will not help to increase an alpaca's hearts. You can buy the treats at Cheryl's counter at the animal shop.

  • First Place: win Rose Perfume (Sheep) or Great Ball Yarn (Alpaca), +1000 FP with each festival participant, and +30 FP with the animal
  • Second Place: +500 FP with each of the participants and +20 FP with the animal you entered
  • Third Place: +500 FP with each of the participants and +10 FP with the animal you entered

Pumpkin Festival

Bluebell Town
Fall 31
- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

screen shot

This is the day that you give treats to the kids who appear at your front door. Unfortunately there is only one child who lives in Bluebell Town. If you enter your farmhouse between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm, Cheryl will stop by and ask for a treat.

The treat must be from the dessert cooking category, such as Pudding, Cake, Cookies, etc. The dish must be "Fairly Fresh" or higher. Desserts you buy from Howard's cafe are perfectly fine. You will earn +1000 FP with Cheryl if you give her a treat. If you don't, you will lose 500 FP.

If you have a full-grown child, then he or she will also participate in the Pumpkin Festival. Enter your house between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm to give your child a dessert treat and earn +1000 FP.

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