Forced Events Schedule

In Tale of Two Towns, you may have to wait for certain dates to arrive in the game before you can access in-game features or villagers. The below list is a compilation of the day-specific events.

Spring, Year 1

Spring 2 - The mayor of your town will visit in the morning to explain how to use the town message board. If you are living in Bluebell, Rutger's tutorial will reward you with a free cow and chicken from Jessica, along with a milker and a brush. In Konohana, you'll get a crop tutorial from Ina along with a sickle, hoe, watering can, and fertilizer.

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Spring 3 - Taa daa! The Harvest Goddess introduces herself to you in the morning, and gives you the task of improving the comradery between the two towns. After your conversation with her, go outside to meet with the mayor of your town. You'll receive a pony and a new horse cart from Grady (Bluebell) or Kana (Konohana).

Spring 4 - The town mayor will visit to explain the season's festivals on the 4th of every season, starting on this day. Since the subject being judged on the town's festival will change from year to year, pay attention to what Rutger and Ina tell you.

Spring 5 - If you live in Konohana, Ina will teach you how to make irrigation furrows on your crop field. Nothing special happens on this day if you live in Bluebell.

Spring 7 - A visit from your town mayor to prepare you for the next day's cooking festival. Rutger will give a Tomato and an Oil so you can prepare Caprese Salad, while Ina will give a Cucumber and Oil so you can prepare Cucumber Namul.

Spring 8 - Your first cooking utensil! Either Howard (Bluebell) or Yun (Konohana) will visit your farm house to give you a pot for your kitchen. You'll need this to make a soup dish for the upcoming cooking competition.

Spring 10 - If you live in Bluebell, Rutger will give a tutorial on how to grow crops in the limited field space available on the Bluebell farm. You'll receive a sickle, hoe, watering can, and fertilizer. You can also receive a free bag of Turnip Seeds if you tell the mayor that you would like to participate in his crop growing tutorial. Nothing happens on this day in Konohana.

Spring 12 - Eileen will visit your Bluebell town house to explain her farm expansion options. In Konohana, Sheng will stop by to explain how to upgrade your farm tools.

Spring 13 - Soup recipe! This time both mayors give the same ingredients: Chamomile and Onion, so you can prepare Herb Soup. Adding a Mint as an additional ingredient to your soup may help with winning the next day's cooking festival.

Spring 16 - Rutger will visit the Bluebell farm to teach you how to till furrows on your fields. If you lived in Konohana, Ina taught you this technique on Spring 2.

Spring 19 - The mayor of your town will give you Flour and Oil so you can prepare Spaghetti for the next day's cooking festival.

Spring 21 - Taa daa! On this day, the Harvest Goddess will unlock the wifi crop field.

Spring 23 - Konohana players will learn how to move to Bluebell by visiting the Konohana town hall.

Spring 24 - Bluebell players will learn how to move to Konohana by visiting the Bluebell town hall.

Spring 29 - This is the last freebie visit from your town mayor to help with your first cooking competition. You will receive Milk and Egg so you can prepare Pudding. You can increase your chases of winning the cooking contest by upgrading your Pudding by using the kitchen a second time to combine the Pudding and either Honey or Cooked Rice to make Honey Pudding or Rice Pudding.

Summer, Year 1

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Summer 1 - In the morning the town mayor will visit and give a fishing pole to you. Also on this day (or any day after Summer 1), you can unlock Dirk by walking from Konohana Low-Mountain to Konohana village. He can be unlocked whether you are actively living in Bluebell or Konohana.

Summer 2 - Another festival explanation from the town mayor. Rutger will explain that dogs will be the subject for the upcoming animal festival (Summer 26), while Ina will tell you that you'll need to grow an exceptional Radish to be entered into the crop festival (Summer 25).

Fall, Year 1

Fall 7 - Depending on where you live, either Rutger or Ina will introduce you to the musician, Mikhail. He will start to live in the town hall of the village you currently live in. Even if you move at the end of the season, Mikhail will remain in the town he was unlocked in.

Winter, Year 1

Winter 3 - In the morning you'll be greeted by Nathan, who will explain that he's there to unlock the church near Bluebell.

Spring, Year 2

Spring 1 - Starting today, walk from the Bluebell Low-Mountain area to the Bluebell Mid-Mountain area after 8:00 pm on a sunny or snowy day to bump into the Oracle. She'll then unlock the door to her house in Bluebell Mid-Mountain.

Spring 31 - On this day for every future year in the game, Mikhail will stop by to tell you he is going to be leaving for the entire fall season.

Fall, Year 2

Fall 1 - Starting today, if you have two or more friendship flowers (10,000 points) with Nathan, walk to the mountain summit between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am on a sunny or snowy night to unlock Alisa. She will then move to the church near Bluebell.

Fall 5 - On this day for every future year in the game, Mikhail will return to the area. He will take up residence at the town hall for the village you are currently living in.

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