The Honey Tree

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In the Forest area north of the village you'll discover a tree near the path leading to the Mountain area. The tree has a bare spot on its trunk. This is the special honey tree that you will unlock after you play the Song of Earth on the Harvest Sprite's musical tree stumps. The music sheet will be hidden in Clement's Restaurant after you construct as part of Town Restoration Plan #3.

The purpose of the tree is for locating blueprint fragments and catching critters. There are a few critters that can only be caught by slathering honey onto the tree.

To use the tree, take Honey, Flower Honey, or Royal Jelly out of your bag and press A when standing in front of the tree. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to put the honey onto the tree. You can only use the tree during Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, on sunny days. Before you use the tree, check your mailbox newspaper for the next day's weather. If it is going to rain, the honey will be washed away. Don't bother putting honey on the tree if the next day's weather is going to be raining.

The rarer the honey you use, the greater the chance of finding uncommon critters.

Return to the tree the next day to see what is attached to it. You'll see the critter on the tree. Just walk up to the tree and press A to catch it. If it is a blueprint fragment that's there, you won't see anything at all; the tree will appear to be bare. If you walk up to the tree and press A, the fragment will appear in your hands.

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Fragments will only appear if you put Royal Jelly onto the honey tree. To collect Royal Jelly, you will need to use Eastern Honey Bees or Mountain Honey Bees when you are beekeeping. Mountain Honey Bees can be found at the Ancient Ruins travel agency location. Locating fragments can be done in any season you can use the tree.

You can find a Crimson Fragment, Ashen Fragment, Emerald Fragment, and Golden Fragment by using the honey tree.

What appears on the tree will be set in the morning when you wake up. If you're looking for something specific, put the honey on the tree and then save your game before going to bed. In the morning, head to the tree and see if what you're looking for is there. If not, simply reload your save game to the night before and try again. Sometimes when using Royal Jelly there won't be anything attached to the tree in the morning. Just check back again the next day.

The honey tree also contains the blueprints for the Mountain wallpaper and Forest Green carpet, but you have to wait until after you've completed Dunhill's five Restoration Plans and watch the ending credits before you can find them.

Seasonal Critters

This is an example list of the kinds of bugs you can find by using honey on the tree.

Spring Season

Summer Season

Fall Season