Plan Combos

screen shot

There are a lot of items you can construct using your farm workshop. Some of these items can be placed out as decorations and will work together to trigger an alternative purpose! The decorations must all be placed in the same area as the object they are influencing.

The objects don't need to be touching each other. As long as they are in the same area (your farm, East Farm, West Farm, Village, or West Village sections) then they will impact their intended target. Naturally, the target has to be in the same area as the combined decoration group as well. For example, to influence the Gardening Space, the decorations need to be in the same area as the Gardening Space. Having the Gardening Space in the village and the decorations on your Farm won't work.

The influence will remain in effect until you remove one (or all) of the decorations necessary for the combination to trigger. If you put the item back down, then the combo will be active again. When a combination is activated, the last item you place will sparkle and the game will display a note at the bottom of the top screen.

You can have more than one combination active in the same area. Some items can be used for more than one combo; for example, the Horse Statue is used for the Cow friendship, Sheep friendship, and Chicken friendship design combinations. You only need to place 1 Horse Statue in your area and it will be used for all three combinations. You don't have to put out 3 Horse Statues.

NameInfluenceObject Requirements
MooMoo FriendshipIncrease the rate that Cows, Jersey Cows, and Yaks increase friendship (hearts)Barn x1
Cow Statue x1
Horse Statue x1
Milk Cans x5
BaaBaa FriendshipIncrease the rate that Sheep, Suffolk Sheep, Alpaca, and Llamas increase friendship (hearts)Barn x1
Sheep Statue x1
Horse Statue x1
Hay Bale x5
CluckCluck FriendshipIncrease the rate that Chickens and Silkie Chickens increase friendship (Hearts)Coop x1
Chicken Statue x1
Horse Statue x1
Weather Vane x5
Fish ImprovementIncrease the rate that Fishery-raised fish increase Star RankFishing Shed x1
Anchor x1
Bridge x1
Maker ImprovementIncrease the Star Rank of items produced in the Maker ShedFermenter x1
Cloth Maker x1
Seed Maker x1
Medicine Maker x1
Miller x1
Gardening PointsEarn an automatic 100 GP during the Gardening ShowGardening Space x1
Any x10 of:
- Blue Flower Arch
- Red Flower Arch
- Tricycle Pot
- Watering Can Pot
- and/or Boot Pot
Island DiscountDecreases the price to travel to the Southern Island by 50%Palm Tree x6
Beach Chair x2
Beach Parasol Table x2
Hammock x1
Snowy DiscountDecreases the price to travel to the Snowland by 50%Beacon x4
Paper Lantern x4
Stone Lantern x4
Sun Statue x1
Eastern DiscountDecreases the price to travel to the Land of the Eastby 50%Stone Lantern x4
Pine Decoration x1
Bamboo Fountain x1
Cherry Tree x6
(Not the "Potted Cherry Tree")
Bamboo Fence x10
Ancient DiscountDecreases the price to travel to the Ancient Ruins by 50%Beacon x4
Large Totem Pole x2
Sun Statue x1
Stone Wall x10