Random Events

As you raise your friendship with the villagers, you can see various events that give you a little more detail about their lives. These cut scenes can be triggered once and don't require you to answer correctly or incorrectly. You could also earn some additional friendship with a villager after you watch the event unfold.

Since there isn't an easy way to see how much friendship you have with a particular villager, except for the heart colors of a marriage candidate, triggering these events may seem to be difficult but it's really not. Friendships easily develop in this version of Harvest Moon, so you could potentially see some of the simpler events by the end of your first year.

There are a total of 23 random events. Twelve of these events will depend on the gender of the character you are playing as: 6 for the girl main character and 6 for the boy main character. The remaining 11 events can be viewed by either gender. You can see more than one random event per day, but they won't trigger on festival days.

Events for the Boy Hero

Events for the Girl Heroine

Events for Either Gender