The Fishing Shed

The fish shed is a building you can construct for any area of your farm. You can build more than one Fishing Shed on your farm. The blueprint for the shed is available at Rebecca's Designs for 1600 G after you begin Town Restoration Plan #4. Each shed requires you to combine 20 Small Material Stone, 20 Lumber, and 5 Glass Stone. You can get Small Material Stone by smashing Small Rocks with your hammer, Lumber comes from cutting down the pine trees with your axe, and the Glass Stone can be found while mining.

screen shot

Inside the shed you will find one Livewell. You can place one fish from your rucksack into the Livewell. The fish will remain in the Livewell until you remove it. The fish will breed on its own if you leave it alone; even though you only put in one fish, it will turn into two because of Harvest Moon video game magic. Any fish can be placed into a Livewell such as fish, crabs, clams, and shrimp.

The Livewell has a maximum capacity of 10 fish. You will need to remove some of the fish if you want it to continue to breed. Just stand in front of the Livewell and press the A button to Remove All Fish or Remove All Fish But One, which would leave one fish behind to multiply. The fish won't breed any faster if you have a lot of fish inside the tank.

You do not have to feed the fish. They will continue to survive inside the Livewell without any interaction from you.

You can increase the fish's Star Rank by fertilizing it with Fish Food. You can buy Fish Food from Kosaboro's Bait Shop for 200 G each. Kosaboro sells two types of Fish Food; the one used for the Fishing Shed is the blue bag with the orange goldfish on it. The higher the Star Rank of the fish, the more it will sell for when shipped.

To use the Fish Food, simply take it out of your rucksack and press A in front of the Livewell. You can fertilize your fish once per day. Each use of Fish Food will increase your Star Points by 3 (.5 star is 30 Star Points). You can increase this to 5 SP per Fish Food by placing an Anchor and a Bridge in the same area as the Fishing Shed to trigger the Fish Improvement combination.

In general, the more rare the fish, the longer it takes to multiply inside of a Fishing Shed. For example:

The Sturgeon takes the longest to multiply inside of the Fishing Shed.