The Ancient Ruins

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The last place you can visit is the Ancient Ruins. It is also the most expensive, as each trip will cost you 120,000 G for yourself or 170,000 G if you take your spouse and/or child along with you. You can start to visit the ruins after you have visited the Land of the East, Snowland, and the Southern Island a total of at least 5 times (not 5 times to each location). You also need to have 12,000 or more friendship points with Charles and have reached Winter 1 of your first year.

There are a lot of insects here. The Mountain Honey Bee is an uncommon, white bee you can find at the ruins. This honey bee has a 90% chance of producing Royal Jelly if you place it in a bee hut, whereas the Eastern Honey Bee only has a 10% chance of making Royal Jelly. There are also many beetles and butterflies here.

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This area is where you can find the colored down feathers you'll need to create colored cloth for Yuri's clothing outfits. The down is a foraged item off of the ground towards the back of the ruins. Save your game before traveling to the Ancient Ruins and if you don't find enough colored down to justify the cost of traveling, then reload your saved game and visit the ruins another day. The other way to get the down is to exchange a lot of items at Sandra's Exchange Shop.

The only plant you can find here is Aloe. If you want to grow it on your farm, you can take Aloe found at the ruins and place it into the Seed Maker machine.

You will need to find 5 Ancient Clay Figures from the Ancient Ruins if you want to build the Witch Princess' house.

The ruins have a few blueprints. Check the totem pole by the entrance of the ruins to receive the Totem Pole plan. After that, talk to Eldridge and he will give you the plans for the Beacon. After you have constructed 10 Totem Poles at your workshop and you have the Beacon plan, talk to Eldridge again to receive the Large Totem Pole plan.

There are five colored fragments you can obtain from the Ancient Ruins. The first Ashen Fragment is from Eldridge after you have received the Large Totem Pole plan and you have visited the Ancient Ruins three or more times. Talk to him again on your fifth visit to receive a Colorless Fragment.

On your third (or later) visit to the ruins and if you have the Totem Pole plan, check the sun statue at the base of the pyramid to find the Crimson Fragment, the stone monument to the left of the sun statue for the second Ashen Fragment, and the obelisk to the right of the sun statue for the Amber Fragment. On your fifth visit to the ruins, investigate the fire at the top of the pyramid to find the second Colorless Fragment.