Soseki is a journalist by trade, but a mysterious incident forced him to retire from his profession. He moves to Echo Village to get way from it all. Soseki implies that he is old but his true age is unknown. He tends to complain and lament about various things, and seems to be a frequent visitor to Dr. Klaus' clinic.

Soseki has an unusual daily schedule. He sleeps in until 9am and then just wanders around for the rest of the day. Since he wakes up so late, he also stays awake much later than most people (except for the Witch Princess). Soseki won't go to bed until 3:00 am. His schedule normalizes if you marry him.

You will unlock Soseki after you build the Eastern-Style house. The blueprint is available at Rebecca's shop once you start Town Renovation Plan #4. Constructing the house requires 15 Material Stone, 80 Lumber, 20 Fodder, 1 Amethyst, and 5 Wheat. Amethyst is a gem you can find when mining and Wheat is a crop you need to grow yourself; you can't buy Wheat anywhere in the game. Wheat seeds are for sale at Hana's shop all year round starting on Summer 1 of your first year. The crop takes about a season to mature.

Personal Data

Birthday: Spring 24

Family: None

Preferred Clothing: Apron, Gardening Outfit, Purple Apron, Eastern Farmer, Light Green Raincoat, Gorgeous Coat, Kimono (girl), Bright Kimono, High Neck Jacket, Purple Shorts, Lime Jacket, Casual Overalls, Green Ninja Garb, Blue Eastern Dress, Pink Maid Outfit

Preferred Animals: Cats are +250 FP, Dogs are +150 FP

Daily Schedule

Sunday to Saturday
Sunny, Rainy, or Snowy
(Sleeping)Soseki's House(Eating)Random AR.B.(Eating)Random B
Sunday to Saturday
(Eating)Soseki's House(Eating)Soseki's House(Eating)Soseki's House
Random A: (sunny or snowy) Forest, Mountain, River, or your Farm-West | (rainy) Village, West Village or your Farm-West
Random B: (sunny or snowy) Klaus's Clinic, Village, West Village, or your Farm-East | (rainy) Soseki's House

(Sometimes Soseki visits Klaus' clinic at 2:00 am while the doctor is asleep. Weird!)

Gift Preferences

Special Gift
+800 FP
Rice Recipe: Eel Rice Bowl
Rice + Eel (Recipe found when mining)
Loved Gifts
+500 FP
Normal Items: Fish Food, Rice, Fish Fossil, Mythic Stone, Ancient Clay Figure, Old Coin

Fish: Conger Eel, Moray Eel, Bonito, Longtooth Grouper, Pollock, Large Sea Bass, Beltfish, Large Loach, Large Funa, Large Trout, Tuna, Ocean Sunfish, Large Snakehead, Spiny Lobster, Chum Salmon, Arowana, Ray, Alligator Gar, Huchen, Catfish, Marlin, Koi, Sturgeon, Softshell Turtle, Mitten Crab, Eel, Red King Crab

Salad Recipes: High-Class Carpaccio

Soup Recipes: Bouillabaisse, Sturgeon Soup, Mitten Crab Soup

Pot Recipes: Turnip Stew, Simmered Potato, Cabbage Rolls, Boiled Pumpkin, Boiled Corn, Boiled Spinach, Simmered Eggplant, Boiled Daikon, Shredded Daikon, Oden, Boiled Lotus Root
Liked Gifts
+300 FP
Normal Items: Hydrangea, Nadeshiko, Gentian, Wheat, Soybean, Lotus Root, Wasabi, Cheese, Great Cheese, Jersey Cheese, Great Jersey Cheese, Yak Cheese, Great Yak Cheese, Herb Cheese, Great Herb Cheese, Jersey Herb Cheese, Great J. Herb Cheese, Yak Herb Cheese, Great Y. Herb Cheese, Cotton Fabric, Linen, Purple Fabric, Super Stay Awake, Stamina Saver, Stamina Booster XL, Chili Pepper, Seaweed, Truffle, Coffee Pack, Wine, Coral, Pearl, Sea Urchin, Pine Branch, Cherry Tree Branch, Ginkgo Branch, Plum, Bamboo Shoot, Bamboo, Shiny Coin, Coconut, Venus Comb, Triton's Trumpet

Fish: Sweetfish, Sardine, Char, Dace, Pale Chub, Sculpin, Flounder, Carp, Salmon, Mackerel, Pike, Shishamo, Icefish, Sea Bream, Loach, Flying Fish, Three-Lips, Goby, Halibut, Blowfish, Funa, Black Bass, Bluegill, Honmoroko, Trout, Killifish, Yamame, Blotch Snakehead, Smelt, Squid, Octopus, Red Crab, Blue Crab, Tiger Prawn, Lake Prawn, Freshwater Prawn, Marsh Shrimp, Steamer Clam, Horned Turban, Basket Clams, Hamaguri

Salad Recipes: Cucumber Namul, Boiled Spinach, Daikon Salad, Kimchi, Potato Plum Salad, Taramo Salad, Soybean Salad, Plum Paste Cucumber, Plum Vinegar Salad

Soup Recipes: Turnip Soup, Spinach Soup, Lotus Root Soup, Miso Soup, Soy Milk, Clam Chowder, Tom Yum Goong, Clear Soup, Fish Chowder

Fried Recipes: Grilled Pumpkin, Roasted Corn, Baked Yam, Vegetable Stir Fry, Roasted Mushroom, Grilled Fish, Chop Suey, Okonomiyaki, Bibimbap, Stir Fried Broccoli, Tofu Hamburger, Pot Sticker, Tuna Steak

Pot Recipes: Fried Angler Fish, Spring Roll, Deep-Fried L. Root, Fried Isobe, Deep-Fried Catfish, Milk Stew, Grouper Stew, Angler Fish Stew, Chum Salmon Soup, Red King Crab Stew, Softshell Stew, Blowfish Stew

Rice Recipes: Fried Rice Ball, Fried Rice, Mixed Vegetable Rice, Yam Rice, Chestnut Rice, Spicy Curry, Dry Curry, Paella, Squid Rice, Sea Urchin Rice Bowl, Seafood Rice Bowl, Oshinko Roll, Kappa Roll, Chirashi Sushi, Sea Bream Chazuke

Noodle and Bread Recipes: Eastern Pasta, Kitsune Udon, Stir Fried Udon, Pescatora, Cod Roe Pasta, Octopus Pasta

Dessert Recipes: Fish Pie

Drink Recipes: Grass Juice, Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha
Neutral Gifts
+50 FP
All other items not listed
Disliked Gifts
-300 FP
Normal Items: Fish Trap, Egg, Gold Egg, Silkie Egg, Gold Silkie Egg, Vegetable Jam, Strawberry Jam, Pineapple Jam, Watermelon Jam, Kiwi Jam, Peach Jam, Cherry Jam, Banana Jam, Mango Jam, Apple Jam, Grape Jam, Chocolate Jam, Marmalade, Berry Jam, Milk Jam, Yogurt Jam, Herb Jam, Cocoa Pack, Red Cloth, Green Cloth, Blue Cloth, Yellow Cloth, Orange Cloth, Stay Awake, Stamina Booster, Angler's Dream, Feline Friend, Canine Companion, Wild Animal Friend, Chicken Feed, Pet Food, Treat, Cow Treat, Sheep Treat, Chicken Treat, Rose Perfume, Herb Perfume, Ocean Perfume, Forest Perfume, Spring Perfume, Summer Perfume, Fall Perfume, Winter Perfume, Barn Dirt, Dog Bone, Cat Bell, Oil, Bottle, Can, Old Boot, Fish Bones, Soil, Glittering Stone, Gold, Silver, Copper, Scrap Metal, Brick, Glass Stone, Iron, Crystal, Ruby, Jade, Diamond, Amethyst, Emerald, Agate, Peridot, Sandrose, Flourite, Adamantite, Orichalcum, Mithril, Platinum, Pink Diamond, Topaz, Moon Stone, Snowball

Soup Recipes: Pho, Vichyssoise, Egg Spinach Soup

Fried Recipes: Fried Egg, Quiche, Omelet

Pot Recipes: Boiled Egg

Rice Recipes: Omelet Rice, Seafood Omelet Rice, Egg Rice Bowl

Noodle and Bread Recipes: Udon with Egg, Cream Pasta, Carbonara,

Dessert Recipes: all desserts except Fish Ice Cream

Drink Recipes: Tomato Juice, Carrot Juice, Pineapple Juice, Watermelon Juice, Kiwi Juice, Banana Juice, Mango Juice, Grape Juice, Chocolate Juice, Orange Juice, Cheese Drink, Yogurt Drink, Lassi, Aloe Juice, Banana au Lait, Iced Cocoa, Vegetable Tea, Strawberry Tea, Peach Tea, Cherry Tea, Apple Tea, Blueberry Tea, Butter Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Herb Tea, Milk Tea, Spring Milk Tea, Summer Milk Tea, Fall Milk Tea, Spring Herb Tea, Summer Herb Tea, Fall Herb Tea, Honey Tea
Hated Gifts
-500 FP
Normal Items: Fodder, Poison Mushroom

Soup Recipes: Egg Soup

Pot Recipes: Egg Custard, Flan, Croquette, Cream Croquette, Pumpkin Croquette

Drink Recipes: Pineapple Shake, Watermelon Shake, Kiwi Shake, Peach Shake, Cherry Shake, Banana Shake, Mango Shake, Apple Shake, Grape Shake, Chocolate Shake, Orange Shake, Berry Shake, Honey Shake, Soy Milk Shake, Tiramisu Shake, Smoothie
-800 FP
Drink Recipe: Strawberry Shake

Heart Events

Black Heart Event

screen shot

» Walk from Village area to the River area
» 6:00 am to 5:00 pm
» Any day of the week
» Sunny weather
» You are playing as the girl main character
» Soseki has 5000 Friendship Points or more
» You have a Fishing Rod in your rucksack

Soseki is out for a stroll and notices that you have fishing rod. He asks that you show him where you normally go fishing. You agree and take him to a fishing location.

He watches you fishing and complements you on how cool you look. He might not look it, but he is a journalist by-trade (although not at the moment). If there is something he is curious about, he won't stop until he knows more about it. Soseki is curious about you, and asks why you are working so hard to revitalize the town.

Dialog Collector and Credit: Lon Lon and shionite

Purple Heart Event

screen shot

» Klaus' house
» 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
» Not Tuesday or Friday
» Any weather
» You are playing as the girl main character
» Soseki has a purple heart color or higher
» The Doctors has been built and Klaus is unlocked
» You have seen the black heart event

Klaus is scolding Soseki, who is refusing to spend any time at the clinic. Soseki explains that he ate too much and came to Klaus for a checkup, but the doctor won't allow him to leave. Klaus just wants him to rest in one of the clinic's beds, but Soseki complains that the beds are horrible and he just wants to go home to sleep. Soseki asks that you take him home, as he'd much rather be take home by a charming young lady than a man.

Dialog Collector and Credit: Lon Lon and shionite

You must give Soseki a Ring before you can see the rest of his heart events. Give him a Ring on Saturday or Sunday, Sunny weather, between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm. Soseki must be at a blue heart color or higher.

Green Heart Event

screen shot

» Walk into Clement's restaurant
» 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
» Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday
» Sunny weather
» You are playing as the girl main character
» Soseki has a green heart color or higher
» You have seen the purple heart event

Soseki is glad that you're here. He wants to thank you for carrying him home the other day by treating you to a meal. The two of you sit down at the table, and Soseki encourages you to order whatever and however much you'd like.

None of the event choices will refill any of your stamina.

Yellow Heart Event

screen shot

» Walk into your farmhouse
» 6:00 am to 12:00 pm
» Any day of the week
» Sunny weather
» You are playing as the girl main character
» Soseki has a yellow heart color or higher
» You have seen the green heart event

Your great beloved has come all the way to see you! Soseki asks that if you have the time, would you go on a "highly stimulating" date with him?