Stamina Levels

screen shot

In the upper corner of the screen will be your stamina and health indicator. When inside your rucksack the meter will be in the upper-right corner of the screen and when outside of your rucksack it is in the upper-left corner of the screen. The meter will indicate your current stamina level (hearts) and your current health status (face). The healthier you are, the more stamina you'll conserve when using your tools.

In the morning when you awaken, you will have a refreshed stamina points. As you use tools your stamina will decrease. If you reach 0 stamina then you will pass out. You won't regain control of your character until the next day.

A New Beginning does not have Power Berries, Goddess accessories, Magic Water, or any other method to increase your overall stamina level. You can restore your stamina by going to bed, eating food, and so on.


Next to your stamina heart markers is your health indicator. Your health is on a 100 point scale and the face will update depending on how many health points you have.

Your health is important because it is a stamina point multiplier. If you are in perfect health, above 90 health points, using a tool will half the amount of stamina you would typically lose; instead of losing 4 stamina points from milking a cow, you'll only lose 2 (4 x 50% = 2). If you have a green health face, then you will lose the full amount (4 stamina points).

Once you start feeling sick, the amount of stamina lost will increase. A blue health face will cost you 120% stamina and a purple I-should-of-been-more-careful face will cost you 200% stamina, doubling the amount of stamina you lose when you use tools.

In general, most players won't have problems managing health. The easiest way to recover health points is to go to bed! There are also a few other ways you can restore health points:

There are a few more things that will cause you to lose health points though:


Your 100 stamina points is measured by the number of hearts you have. If you have all 5 hearts at full size, then you have 100 stamina points. Each heart can be at full size and then at a half size before it depletes down to the next heart.

Most of the time a half-heart is going to be worth 10 stamina points, but the first half-heart is worth 20 stamina points. If you run out of hearts, you pass out.

Recovering your stamina is fairly easy to do if you eat food. Your house comes with a kitchen, but you need to find cooking recipes before you can cook dishes. Cooking recipes come from winning festivals, received as gifts from villagers, or found when fishing and mining. Depending on the Star Rank of the dish and the type of dish, you could restore a lot of stamina or a little bit of stamina.

Most of your stamina recovery will be from going to bed for the day:

Using tools will decrease your stamina. Different tools will reduce your stamina at different amounts. The numbers listed here are the standard, 100% normal stamina loss. Remember, if you are healthy (the smiley face) then you will lose half as much.

Stormy weather days also have an affect on your stamina. If you use your tools on hurricane or snow storm days, then you will lose an additional 5 stamina per use. It doesn't matter if you are indoors or outdoors! Be careful on bad weather days and keep some food handy to eat.