Special Fragments

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Once your construction workshop is activated around Spring 25, you can start buying and finding plans to craft objects, buildings, and decorations. Most of the plans will either be purchased from Rebecca, found when fishing or mining, or gifted to you from villagers, but there are eight blueprints that are harder to locate. These special plans are actually broken into three pieces!

The pieces are colored and you need to find all three colored pieces in order to read the repaired blueprint. The fragments will be stored in your side table next to the bed inside of your house. When you find the three pieces of a specific color, investigate the side table (press A) and then select the fragment color. The pieces will magically combine together to form the completed blueprint.

There isn't anything in-game that will keep track of which of the fragments you've found. You will need to remember, or write a note using your 3DS Game Notes, which of the fragments you have found so you don't try to get a fragment you've already found.

Black Fragments

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These three fragments are needed to make the Witch Princess' house. She won't move in until you've put the broken plan back together and construct the building from it. Luckily these pieces are easy to find:

After you have found all three Black Fragments, you will receive the Pointy Hat House plan. To build the princess' house, combine 30 Black Material Stone, 30 Black Lumber, 15 Linen, 3 Glittering Stones, and 5 Ancient Clay Figures. The figures are more tedious to collect than the Black Fragments themselves, as it will take you multiple trips to the Ancient Ruins to find 5 of them.

Azure Fragments

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These three pieces will make the blueprint for the Three-Wheeled Buggy, an incredibly convenient ridable car that you can use to travel around the area. The buggy is faster than the horse, doesn't require a Coin to use like the Mechanical Panda car, and makes a slightly less annoying sound compared to the Mechanical Lion car.

To craft the Three-Wheeled Buggy, combine 10 Small Material Stone, 10 Iron, 10 Copper, and 5 Platinum. The Platinum will be the hardest part to collect, but you can save your game before hitting a mining point and then reload your save game if you don't find any Platinum.

Crimson Fragments

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When combined, these three pieces will create the Sun Statue plan, which is just a replica of the statue in the middle of the Ancient Ruins.

To create a Sun Statue, combine 15 Black Material Stone, 1 Summer Sun, and 3 Brick. The statue doesn't do anything once you've placed it.

Ashen Fragments

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The combined Ashen Fragments create the Stone Marker decoration. This object looks like the stone monument / gravestone in the northwest corner of the Ancient Ruins. It doesn't have any interaction.

To make a Stone Marker, combine 1 Black Rock, 1 Glittering Stone, 99 Scrap Metal, 1 Pink Diamond, and 1 Mythic Stone.

Emerald Fragments

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The three fragments create the plan for a Daruma decoration. It doesn't do anything if you stand next to it and press the A button, but it is kind of cute in general.

The Daruma object can be created by combining 1 Black Lumber, 3 Lumber, 3 Red Roses, and 3 Magic Red Flower.

Amber Fragments

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Finding all three of these pieces will unlock the Obelisk decoration. It is a replica of the monument in the northeast corner of the Ancient Ruins and it doesn't do anything when you press the A button next to it.

To craft an Obelisk, combine 5 Black Lumber, 10 Sandrose, 3 Ancient Clay Figures, and 10 Shiny Coins.

Colorless Fragments

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The clear pieces will combine to create the Propeller Jet Pack.

To make the Propeller Jet Pack, you'll need to combine 123 Elli Leaves (one hundred and twenty three), 6 Bamboo, 3 Ancient Clay Figures, 2 Pink Diamonds, and 1 Mythic Stone. Elli Leaves are a wild item that grows in the river, mountain, and forest area during Winter season. You can also find it in the Snowland during the rest of the year.

The Propeller Jet Pack is a little faster than walking but not as fast as the Three-Wheeled Buggy. Even though you are elevated above the ground, it isn't high enough to hover over fences and ledges. You can talk to villagers while wearing the propeller. It is a tool so you can take it out and use it anywhere.

Golden Fragments

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Collect the three Golden Fragments to piece together the plans for the Toy Robot.

To make a Toy Robot, combine 7 Rubys, 7 Orichalcum, 7 Topaz, 7 Peridot, and 7 Mystic Stones.