Land of the East

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The cherry bloom location is the Land of the East, the third vacation you can take from Camellia Travel. A trip to this peaceful place will cost 50,000 G for your own ticket or 80,000 G if you take your spouse and/or child. You can start visiting this area once you reach Fall of your fist year and you've taken a trip to the Snowland. It takes 2 hours to travel here and Charles leaves to return home at 10:00 pm.

You will have to visit the eastern land often if you want to construct the Master Rod for fishing. After you befriend Kosaburo and receive the blueprint for the Master Rod, you can craft it by combining a Fishing Rod, 5 Bamboo, and 1 Orichalcum from the ore mine. Bamboo is a foraged item from the Land of the East and it isn't always found when you visit. If you are trying to conserve money, save your game before paying 50,000 G to visit here. If you don't find any Bamboo, reload and try again another day; the items on the ground won't change if you simply reload your saved game and go back the same day.

The weather here is sunny so you'll find a variety of insects. You may need to change the camera angle to check the tree trunks for the Singing Cicada, but sometimes you can find it on the back wall of the complex. The harder insects to catch are the Sakura-only Winter Firefly and Southern Firefly. These two won't appear until it is after 6:00 pm, so you need to leave town at around 4:00 pm. Charles' shop closes at 6:00 pm.

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Visiting the Land of the East is also how you can obtain Strawberry Seed and Wasabi. Talk to Sakura by the house and she will give you one or the other for free.

Sakura also gives you blueprints. The first time you visit the area, talk to her to receive the Bamboo Fence, Bamboo Arch, and Bamboo Curved Fence plans. On your third visit, talk to her again to receive the Stone Paving, Stone Lantern, and Bamboo Fountain plans. Visit the Land of the East a fifth time and talk to Sakura to receive the Arch Bridge plan.

There is a hidden plan as well. After you receive the Stone Lantern plan from Sakura, press A at the red table with the umbrella to receive the Tea Table and Parasol plans.