House Accessories

At the beginning of the game your farm house contains a Refrigerator, Kitchen, Toolbox, Storage, Closet, Bookshelf, Nightstand, and Bed. You can add additional decorations to the interior of your house by using the construction Studio attached to your house. The blueprints for the extra house features can come from villagers, Rebecca's Designs, or Sandra's Trade Booth.

Each house accessory can only be built once and it can't be removed from your house after it has been constructed.

Double Bed

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Before you can get married you will need to upgrade your house and increase your sleeping space. The blueprint for the Double Bed is for sale at Rebecca's Designs for 4000 G after you upgrade your house. The bed requires 30 Material Stone, 20 Lumber, 2 Glittering Stones, 5 Brick, and 5 Glass Stone.

The larger bed will take the place of your single bed. Its design and bedspread fabric will vary depending on what furniture design you have selected from your Storage box.

Child's Bed

This bed looks just like the single bed that you had before you got married. The blueprint for this bed becomes available at Rebecca's shop 7 days after your marriage ceremony (or the first time her shop is open after the 7 days). She sells it for 3200 G, and it requires 10 Black Lumber, 5 Suffolk Wool, 10 Alpaca Wool, and 1 Pink Diamond to construct. After you build it, the Child's Bed will sit in the corner of your farm house where your bed used to be, and your bed will move closer to the clothing Closet.

You will need to construct the Child's Bed if you want to have a child with your in-game spouse. The pregnancy event will trigger after you have been married for a minimum of 30 days and you have the Child's Bed built. If you don't build the bed until you've been married for longer than 30 days, then the pregnancy event will trigger the next day after you build it.

Storage, Refrigerator, and Toolbox

Inside your house you'll find three storage boxes. The Refrigerator in your kitchen is where you'll store crops, wild food items, and edible animal products. The Storage is for non-edible items like flowers, wool, and critters. The Toolbox is where you can place tools and seeds. Each box can hold up to 100 items.

You can increase the size of the boxes by remodeling them. Each upgrade will add another 100 spaces to each one, with a maximum of 400 per each box. You can't downgrade the storage once you've upgraded its size. The remodels will also change the outer appearance of the storage boxes:

screen shot


100 storage slots

screen shot

Copper Refrigerator

200 storage slots

screen shot

Silver Refrigerator

300 storage slots

screen shot

Gold Refrigerator

400 storage slots

The Toolbox and Storage will get similar color changes as you upgrade them. The blueprints go on sale at Rebecca's Designs as you proceed through the game and you've made the previous upgrade. For example, build the Copper Refrigerator and in Fall of year 1 the Silver Refrigerator blueprint will appear. If you waited until Winter to build it, then the silver blueprint for the 'fridge will appear the next time Rebecca opens her shop.

Alarm Clock

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The blueprint for the Alarm Clock comes from Dunhill. He will give you the blueprint after you have raised his friendship to 20,000 or more and you give him a gift. The clock requires 1 Iron Hammer, 1 Silver, and 1 Moon Stone to construct. You can build an Iron Hammer by buying a Hammer from Hana's Store for 70 G and then combining it with 1 Small Lumber, 3 Copper, and 3 Iron. The Silver and Moon Stone for the Alarm Clock come from the forest mine. After construction, it will sit on top of the Nightstand next to your bed.

The clock will allow you to take short naps during the day without having to go to bed for the night. If you're waiting for a certain time of day, you can nap for 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours to make time go by faster. Each time you take a nap, you will also recover 15 Stamina Points, no matter how long your nap was.

To use the Alarm Clock, simply stand next to it and press the A button to select your nap duration. You can use the clock as many times as you want.

Record Player

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The blueprint for the tune box comes from Emma after you have upgraded the size of your farm house, you have at least 30,000 Friendship Points with her, and she has already given you the Vegetables farm house wallpaper blueprint. The Record Player requires 5 Black Lumber, 3 Glittering Stones, 1 Mythic Ore, and 1 Triton's Trumpet. The Glittering Stones and Mythic Ore come from the forest mine, while the Triton's Trumpet sea shell can be foraged off the ground when visiting the Southern Island.

The player comes with five records that play music from past Harvest Moon games. Unfortunately, the music only plays while you are inside of your farm house. As soon as you exit, the game's background sound will change back to whatever seasonal music it is suppose to be.

Pet Food Dispenser

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After you have unlocked Rod and constructed the Pet House, you can raise dogs and cats to help you with herding. One of the four pets that you buy can be kept inside of your home as a house pet. The house pet doesn't do any farm work or leave the farm house, but it does need to be fed like the other pets.

The food dispenser blueprint is sold at Rebecca's shop for 2400 G after Rod moves to Echo Village. The feed tray requires 5 Small Lumber, 2 Copper, and 2 Iron. The Pet Food Dispenser will connect to the Pet Food in your Storage the same way that the chute inside of the Pet House dispenses food, but in this case you won't have to manually move the food. The Dispenser inside your house will feed your one house pet automatically every day, without any interaction from you.

To create a house pet, simply pick up the pet you want, walk into your house, and set it down. Until you move it back outside, it will be your house pet.


This house decoration doesn't have any interactivity; it is merely decorative. The blueprint for the Fireplace is available at Sandra's Exchange Shop after you have constructed your house upgrade. She will give you the blueprint in exchange for 1 French Toast with 2.5 Star Rank or higher, 2 Mushroom Salads with 2 Star Rank or higher, and 1 Cappuccino with 1.5 Star Rank or higher. The French Toast and Cappuccino recipes can be found when rod fishing (both in Group 2), and the Mushroom Salad recipe is part of Beginner Recipe Set #1 (festival prize).

To construct the Fireplace combine 5 Black Lumber, 15 Brick, 2 Gold, and 1 Winter Sun. The Fireplace will be set on the eastern wall inside of your house, where it will quietly do nothing at all.

Table and Sofa

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This blueprint appears at Sandra's Stall once you've constructed the Fireplace. She will give it to you in exchange for 1 Oshinko Roll with 2.5 Star Rank or higher, 1 Corn Salad with 2 Star Rank or higher, and 1 Banana au Lait with 1.5 Star Rank or higher. The roll recipe is from the festival prize Mid-Level Recipe Set #4, Corn Salad can be found when rod fishing (Group 1), and the recipe for Banana au Lait is from Clement and his gifted recipe sets.

The bonus furniture requires 10 Black Material Stone, 5 Alpaca Wool, 5 Brown Alpaca Wool, and 3 Green Cloth to construct. You don't get a choice of color and it doesn't update its design based on the furniture you select for your house. You can't even sit on it. Basically, it is in your farm house to take up empty space, much like the Fireplace it sits next to.


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This blueprint is for sale at Rebecca's Designs for 2400 G when you begin Summer of your first year. The Vase requires 5 Rocks and 5 Glass Stone to construct and will set next to your kitchen. Once you construct the Child's Bed, the Vase will move from your kitchen to between your bed and the Child's Bed.

You can add flower bouquets to your Vase. The flowers don't do anything other than look pretty, and they will remain in the Vase until you exchange them for a new type of bouquet. You can get flower bouquets made at Hana's store. Just bring her four flowers grown from seeds and 300 G, and in exchange she'll give you a flower bouquet. Wild foraged flowers can't be used for bouquets such as Blue Magic Flower, Moondrop, etc. You can also get bouquets as gifts on your birthday from some villagers.

To place a bouquet into the vase, hold the flowers in your hands and press the A Button when standing next to the Vase.