Festival Contest Prizes

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Each year you will have fourteen festivals to participate in that will reward you with a prize if you are the festival winner. You won't receive a prize if you come in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. The prize will consist of 10 of a single item, a blueprint, and a cooking recipe set.

There are a limited number of blueprints and cooking recipes you can win from the festivals. Once you have won all of the possible plans and recipes, the only thing you'll receive from future wins is the normal item. There are 59 cooking recipes and 27 blueprints that can only be obtained by winning the festivals. There isn't a normal item that you can only get from a festival victory, but the Cow Festival can reward you with the special old-style cow.

You can find out what the prizes are for each festival class by selecting "Hear info on prizes" from Dunhill's pre-festival choices.

Normal Items

Depending on the festival you enter, you'll receive 10 of a certain type of item:

The Star Rank of the item you received will depend on the class of festival that you entered. A Beginner class will earn you 10 items with 1 Star, Intermediate will be a 2 Star Rank, and Advanced will be 3 Stars.

Cooking Recipes

The recipe set you receive as part of your victory prize may only contain one recipe or it might be more than one recipe. You will receive one cooking recipe set per victory. The sets are grouped together, just like the items found when mining or fishing.

Group IDCooking Recipes
Starter Recipes
(Group 1)
5 recipes sets
#1 - Tomato Salad
#2 - Potage
#3 - Fried Egg
#4 - Turnip Stew
#5 - Cheese Drink and Honey Tea
Beginner Recipes
(Group 2)
8 recipe sets
#1 - Mushroom Salad and Caprese
#2 - Milk Soup, Egg Spinach Soup, and Corbasi
#3 - Butter Corn
#4 - Fried Angler Fish
#5 - Doria, Mushroom Rice, and Egg Rice Bowl
#6 - Spaghetti, Kitsune Udon, Herb Pasta, and Pescatora
#7 - Yogurt Pie, Mushroom Pie, Shortcake, and Chocolate Cake
#8 - Kiwi Juice, Apple Tea, Kiwi Shake, and Berry Shake
Mid-Level Recipes
(Group 3)
7 recipe sets
#1 - Vichyssoise and Fish Chowder
#2 - Okonomiyaki
#3 - Croquette and Fried Isobe
#4 - Oshinko Roll and Chirashi Sushi
#5 - Green Pasta
#6 - Soft Chocolates, Macaron, and Soy Milk Pudding
#7 - Lassi, Iced Cocoa, Fall Herb Tea, and Mango Shake
Advanced Recipes
(Group 4)
5 recipe sets
#1 - High-Class Carpaccio and Kimchi
#2 - Meuniere
#3 - Flan and Softshell Stew
#4 - Potato Bread
#5 - Strawberry Ice Cream, Cherry Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, Fish Ice Cream, and Rice Ice Cream
Master Recipes
(Group 5)
4 recipe sets
#1 - Pissaladiere
#2 - Fried Rice
#3 - Carbonara
#4 - Fruit Gratin and Clafoutis

Dunhill won't tell you what the recipes are that you're going to receive before you enter the festival. He will tell you the group and its number. For example, he may say "Beginner Recipe Set 3" but he won't tell you that it is the recipe for Butter Corn.

The groups are in sequential order, so you must win all of the recipe sets in the previous group to access the recipes for the next group. To obtain all of the cooking recipe sets, you'll need to win 29 festivals.


There are not as many blueprints as cooking recipes but they are grouped together as well. The nice thing about the plans is that Dunhill will basically tell you what plan you're going to receive if you win the festival. The only time he'll refer to the plans as "sets" is when you are going to get more than one blueprint, such as from a fence set.

You'll need to win all of the blueprints from the prior group before you can win the blueprints for the next group.

Group IDBlueprints
Group 1Speedy Clippers, Speedy Brush, Bamboo Pot, Cow Statue, Chicken Statue, Sheep Statue, Horse Statue
Group 2Speedy Milker, Red Flower Arch, Blue Flower Arch, Bovine Fence Set (Bovine Fence, Bovine Curved Fence, and Bovine Arch), Fluffy Fence Set (Fluffy Fence, Fluffy Curved Fence, Fluffy Arch)
Group 3Bird Fountain, Bamboo Grove, Gold Fence Set (Gold Fence, Gold Curved Fence, and Gold Arch), Silver Fence Set (Silver Fence, Silver Curved Fence, and Silver Arch)
Group 4Cart, Bridge, Arbor