Travel Agency

Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Closed on stormy weather days

To unlock the Travel Agency you need to be working on Town Renovation Plan #4. The blueprint for the Travel Agency will appear in Rebecca's shop inventory for 2400 G. To build the agency, you will need to use 10 Brick, 10 Copper, 10 Lumber, 10 Small Material Stone, and 120 Material Stone.

screen shot

Charles, Camellia, and their daughter Hina will move in soon after you place the Travel Agency in town. Charles runs the agency and he will send you on day-long trips to other locations. Just talk to Charles in his shop to select the location you would like to go. He will take you away to the other location and wait for you there until you are ready to head back. Charles will take you back home automatically at night if you don't decide to go back earlier. After Charles returns you to town, the day will be over and you will go to bed. You won't get the chance to save your game.

When you first unlock the Travel Agency you can only select one trip location. Eventually you will unlock the other locations. There are four different locations you can visit and each has a different amount of travel time in order to get there. Before you leave, Charles will tell you what time it will be when you arrive at the exotic location. You don't see yourself traveling; there is an airplane engine noise and *poof* you arrive at the location you selected.

If the arrival time of your flight will be later than the return flight time, Charles won't take you on the trip (i.e., you can't take a trip to Snowland after 5:00 pm because it would be after 9:00 pm when you arrive). He also won't interrupt whatever you happen to be doing. For example, if you are fishing and it becomes time to leave, Charles will wait until you've pulled in a fish before he takes you back home.

You can take others with you to the vacation spot, but the cost to travel will increase. You can go by yourself, go with your spouse, or your entire family (spouse and child) can go. The travel flight will cost you more money when you aren't going by yourself. A multi-person trip to the Beach costs 30,000 G, Snowland costs 55,000 G, Land of the East is 80,000 G, and the Ancient Ruins is 170,000 G. The cost is the same whether it is just your spouse accompanying you or it is your spouse and child.

One benefit to traveling, besides getting new types of items, is it helps to raise Charles' and Camellia's friendship points. Traveling by yourself gives them +100 friendship points, traveling with your spouse gives them +200 friendship points, and taking your entire family gives them +500 friendship points. You also will get +700 FP with your spouse if the two of you go on vacation or +1000 FP with your spouse and child if all of you go.