Town Plans

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On Summer 1, Dunhill will visit your house in the morning. He was so inspired by how you constructed Rebecca's house that he has a great idea! Dunhill will tell you about his great town plan for you to do. He gives you his first plan and then some basic instructions: complete the plan and he'll give you the next one. He hopes that completing these town revitalization plans will entice new residents to move to the village.

This is the main story of the game; to complete the plans and make the village happy.

There are five Town Restoration Plans. You can access the current status of your assigned plan by selecting it from the main menu (press the X button). When you complete all of the tasks in the plan, Dunhill will visit your house and give you the next Restoration Plan. Sometimes he will also unlock areas as a reward for your hard work, such as the eastern-side and western-side of your farmland.

The game will clearly mark off the tasks as you complete them, and you can do the plan's task in any sequential order. Also, if you have already completed that task before receiving the Restoration Plan, it will automatically be marked off for you; you don't have to do it a second time.

For the items that you have to place out in the village, once you have finished the plan you can put the object back into storage if you'd like. For example, if you don't want 10 Bushes cluttering up your town, after you complete Town Restoration Plan #2 you can take some of them away.

Town Restoration Plan #1

This plan is fairly simple since it is your first one. Dunhill only has three tasks for you to complete:

Town Restoration Plan #2

Now that you have proven you can handle basic tasks, Dunhill is going to start having you construct buildings.

Town Restoration Plan #3

Time to build more houses and earn a lot of money!

Town Restoration Plan #4

You are over halfway finished! The town is beginning to look full and lively now, but your task list has also become larger.

Town Restoration Plan #5

The last one, and it is larger than the previous one! Once you've completed this project then Dunhill's great dream will be fulfilled.

After you have completed the last Restoration Plan, you have completed the game's story line. The villagers will gather together for a celebration party and even the Harvest Goddess and her sprites will appear to thank you for all the hard work you've done. After that the game credits will roll and you'll appear back inside of your farmhouse the next morning. The game will continue to play on, but you won't receive any new plans from Dunhill.

As a reward for completing the town revitalization, you will have a trophy added to the shelf by the front door of your farmhouse. You can also give Echo Village a new name.