Sheep and Suffolk Sheep

Sheep in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning are available to buy after you have unlocked Yuri or if you wait until Fall 1 of year 1. Neil will send you a letter when he has Sheep for sale at his plaza shop.

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If you want to buy them before Fall 1, then you will have to unlock the tailor instead. To do so, you need to start working on Town Restoration Plan #3 and have Emma at 2000 or more Friendship Points. The blueprint for the Tailor House will then be for sale at Rebecca's shop for 2000 G. To build the Tailor House, combine 35 Material Stone, 60 Lumber, 10 Iron, and 5 Mint. The wild Mint can be found in the River, Mountain, or Forest areas in any season but Winter. After you build and place her shop in the village, and Yuri has introduced herself, Neil will send you a letter announcing the new animal for sale.

To unlock the higher level Suffolk Sheep, you can wait until they naturally unlock in Spring of year 3. The alternative way to buy Suffolk is to have 3 Sheep births on your farm. You don't need to keep the baby sheep; just have them born on the farm. Neil offers a free pregnancy service at his shop. A sheep pregnancy takes 20 days, but you don't have to care for the pregnant sheep (i.e., it can't be fed, brushed, etc.)

Wool Production

The Sheep and Suffolk Sheep will produce wool every 3 days. To harvest the wool simply use the Clippers. You can receive more than one wool if you feed the animal enough Treats and Sheep Treats to increase its productivity value. A normal Sheep requires 2 Treats and 29 Sheep Treats per level, and a Suffolk requires 1 Treat and 30 Sheep Treats.

Gold Wool doesn't exist in A New Beginning. A sheep that wins the Winter 18 Sheep Festival will gain the normal +30 Friendship Points, but it won't produce any golden fur. You can get great quality wool by taking the animals to Neil's Animal Sanctuary for 50 hours or more. A Sheep that produces Great Wool, or a Suffolk that has Great Suffolk Wool, cannot return to producing normal Wool once its level has upgraded.

Where are the Clippers?!

A lot of players get stuck on how to find the Clippers you need to sheer the Sheep's wool. You don't receive this tool when you buy a Sheep from Neil, but after you unlock the animal Rebecca will have the blueprint for the Clippers for sale at her shop for 800 G. The Clippers require 3 Small Rocks and 3 Branches to construct. After you build the Clippers, Neil will sell the tool at his shop in case you need duplicates.

The blueprint for the Speedy Clippers is won by participating in the animal festivals.

Breeding and Life Spans

You can breed Sheep and Suffolk Sheep by going to Neil's Animal Shop and selecting the option to impregnate. A pregnant sheep will stay inside your barn for 20 days, and the baby sheep will have half the friendship hearts as its mother.

A baby sheep will take 20 days to grow into an adult.

Sheep will naturally pass away when they become too old. The more friendship the sheep has, the less of a chance that it will die in the morning when you wake up. Sheep and Suffolk Sheep have a minimum life span of 3 years and a maximum life span of 8 years. If you save your game the night before, and your animal dies, reload your save game and go to bed to see if it survives the next morning.

Sheep Products

NameMaker Shed RecipeProfit (1 Star to 5 Star)
Wool---600 G | 800 G | 1000 G | 1200 G | 1400 G
Great Wool---1800 G | 2400 G | 3000 G | 3600 G | 4200 G
Suffolk Wool---960 G | 1280 G | 1600 G | 1920 G | 2240 G
Great Suffolk Wool---2880 G | 3840 G | 4800 G | 5760 G | 6720 G
The following products require the Cloth Maker machine
Yarn BallWool696 G | 928 G | 1160 G | 1392 G | 1624 G
Great Yarn BallGreat Wool2076 G | 2768 G | 3460 G | 4152 G | 4844 G
Suffolk Yarn BallSuffolk Wool1104 G | 1472 G | 1840 G | 2208 G | 2576 G
Great S. Yarn BallGreat Suffolk Wool3312 G | 4416 G | 5520 G | 6624 G | 7728 G