The Forest Mine

At the beginning of the game, access to the mine is blocked off. To unlock the mine:

  1. Have Tina's House, Clement's Restaurant, and Rod's Cottage build. Tina's and Clement's are from Town Renovation Plan #2, and Rod's is from Town Plan #3.
  2. Find the hidden music sheets in their houses. Find Tina's first, Clement's second, and then finally Rod's hidden sheet.
  3. Buy the Doctor's House blueprints from Rebecca for 2400 G and construct the house using your farm workshop. The necessary materials are 3 Iron, 15 Small Lumber, 40 Lumber, and 65 Material Stone. You can buy Iron from Rebecca for 510 G each.
  4. Once you place the house and Klaus moves in, Aaron will tell you about the music sheet hidden in Klaus' house.
  5. Find the Boulder Dance sheet music on the first floor of the doctor's house and return back to Aaron to play it on the musical tree stumps: So-Mi-Do-Mi-Fa-Mi-So

If Aaron does not tell you about the music sheet in the Doctor's house then you have not completed the requirements yet. You must locate the music sheets that come before the one inside of Klaus' house.

The mine is just a large room with various items on the ground you can pick up. On the walls of the mine you will find three mining points. When you hit the mining points with your hammer you will receive a mined item. Each point can generate between two and five random items per day.

The three mining points are color-coded; blue, green, and red. The strength of your hammer will determine which mining point you can receive items from. The red point can only be hit with an Ultra Hammer, the green point by a Iron Hammer or Ultra Hammer, and the blue point by a regular Hammer, Iron Hammer, or Ultra Hammer. The red mining point has a greater chance of producing better items than the green or blue mining points.

Mined items do not have a Star Rank.

The number of items you receive from each mining point is set in the morning, but the type of item you receive is determined as you hit the point with your hammer. When you are looking for a specific ore or gem, save your game before you hit the mining point. If you don't receive what you're looking for then reload your save game and try again.

List of Mine Items

Item NameBlueGreenRedProfit
Small RockYesYesNo5 G
RockYesYesNo50 G
Black RockYesYesYes200 G
CoinYesYesNo100 G
Old CoinNoYesYes150 G
Shiny CoinNoYesYes500 G
Glittering StoneNoYesYes1 G
Scrap MetalYesYesYes10 G
IronYesYesYes300 G
BrickYesYesNo50 G
Glass StoneYesYesNo200 G
CopperYesYesYes500 G
SilverYesYesYes4500 G
GoldYesYesYes5000 G
CrystalNoYesNo3700 G
RubyYesYesNo3700 G
Item NameBlueGreenRedProfit
JadeYesNoNo4000 G
DiamondNoYesYes10,000 G
AmethystYesYesNo3700 G
EmeraldYesYesNo3700 G
AgateYesNoNo3700 G
PeridotNoYesNo3700 G
SandroseNoYesNo3700 G
FlouriteYesNoNo3700 G
AdamantiteYesYesYes3200 G
OrichalcumYesYesYes3200 G
MithrilYesYesYes3200 G
PlatinumNoYesYes5500 G
Pink DiamondNoYesYes15,000 G
TopazYesNoYes3700 G
Moon StoneNoYesYes4500 G
Mythic OreNoYesYes1 G

Blueprints and Cooking Recipes

You can also find blueprints for your workshop and recipes for your kitchen at the three mining points. The blueprints and recipes aren't mine point specific, but you have a better chance of finding cooking recipes at the blue mining point and blueprints at the red mining point. There are 15 blueprints and 63 recipes you can find at the mining points.

When you find all of the items from a group, the next group and its items can be found. For example, find all of the cooking recipes that belong to group 1 and then you can start to find the recipes that belong to group 2.

Group IDCooking Recipes
Group 1Daikon Salad, Pumpkin Salad, Yam Salad, Bouillabaisse, Corn Potage, Spinach Saute, Simmered Eggplant, Chocolate Juice
Group 2Soybean Salad, Plum Vinegar Salad, Ukha, Stir Fried Turnip, Raclette, Cabbage Rolls, Butter Rice, Eel Rice Bowl, Vegetable Bread, Yogurt Bread, Cream Pasta, Blueberry Pie, Jelly Roll, Mango Cake, Madeleine, Aloe Yogurt, Watermelon Sherbet, Aloe Juice, Butter Tea, Cherry Shake, Cherry Tea, Grape Shake, Spring Milk Tea, Strawberry Shake, Strawberry Tea
Group 3Mitten Crab Soup, Gratin, Foccacia, Blueberry Ice Cream, Butter Ice Cream, Hushpuppies, Mango Ice Cream, Mont Blanc, Cafe Mocha
Group 4Fritter Salad, Gumbo, Stir Fried Broccoli, Caponata, Stew, Sea Bream Chazuke, Pilaf, Corn Pasta, Macaroni and Cheese, Cream Puff, Ice Cream Crepe, Mille-Feuille
Group 5Italian Salad, Borscht, Cheese Fondue, Cream Croquette, Chum Salmon Soup, Spicy Curry, Seafood Omelet Rice, Genovese Pasta, Soy Milk Cookie

Some of the blueprints require you to meet criteria before they appear.

Group IDBlueprints
Group 1Tricycle Pot, Fire Extinguisher (Find 100 or more items when mining), Yellow Pattern Flooring (Find 100 or more and be in Spring year 2 or later), Red Star Wallpaper (Find 100 or more and be in Spring year 2 or later)
Group 2Sandy Fragment, Green Tile flooring (Find 300 or more items when mining and be in Spring year 2 or later), Grey Tile flooring (Find 300 or more items when mining and be in Spring year 2 or later), Red Clover wallpaper (Find 300 or more items when mining and be in Spring year 2 or later), Green Clover wallpaper (Find 300 or more items when mining and be in Spring year 2 or later)
Group 3Jet Black Fragment (x2), Azure Fragment, Mine Cart (Find 500 or more items when mining)
Group 4Colorless Fragment, Golden Fragment (Find 1000 or more items when mining)