Bait Shop

Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Closed on stormy weather days

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Hana's husband Kosaburo runs a small fishing shop inside of the General Store. At the beginning of the game he won't be in town. You can unlock Kosaburo by raising Hana's friendship to 30,000 points, and then wait until Winter 1 of your first year.

Kosaburo sells fishing-related items and can craft special fish-enticing food for you. He holds the blueprint for the Master Rod, so give him gifts until his friendship reaches 6000 FP. Kosaburo likes all types of fish, so befriending him isn't terribly challenging to do.

He also sells Fish Traps pretty cheap, so you'll no longer be forced to craft them using your construction studio after his shop unlocks.

To craft special fish bait for you to use when fishing, bring him four fish. Select the Make Bait option from his store inventory and then the fish you want to use from your rucksack. You can use duplicate fish if they are different Star Ranks. Once you select the four fish, Kosaburo will prompt you to pay 300 G, and then give you one bag of fish bait crafted from your four selected fish. You can do this as many times as you want per day, but you only get one bag each time.


Fishing Rod1400 G
Fish Food260 G
Fish Trap150 G
Fish Food260 G

There are two items named "Fish Food." The food in the gray bag with the blue fish printed on it is for when you are Fishing. The normal Fish Food bait will increase your fish bite rate by 10%. The food in the blue bag with the orange fish printed on it is for feeding to the fish you are raising inside your fish hatchery.

Fish Bait

Kosaburo sells plain Fish Food that will increase your fishing bite rate by 10%, but he can also make three other types of special bait you can use while fishing. All types of fish can be combined to create bait, such as crabs, shrimp, and clams.

If you don't select the right combination of fish, Kosaburo will simply make normal Fish Food.

Good Fish Food

Good Fish Food will increase the bite rate when fishing by 20%. This food can be created by combining two shrimp and two crab. Shrimp and crab are often found when fish trapping, so this isn't a difficult fish bait to have Kosaburo make. This fish food is good to have if you are trying to win the three-day Fishing Tournament during Fall season.

Great Fish Food

This food will increase the size of the fish you catch by 20 cm. This food can be made by combining a shellfish, a small fish, a medium fish, and a large fish.

Ultimate Fish Food

The ultimate food will increase the Star Rank of the fish you catch by 2-stars worth of Star Points. The higher the Star Rank of the fish, the more money you can receive when you ship the fish. You need to select a shrimp, a crab, a medium fish, and a large fish to have Kosaburo create this fish food.