Your Married Life

After you get married, your beloved spouse will move into your farmhouse. The person's old living quarters isn't completely abandoned though; your spouse will go to visit there as part of his or her daily schedule. Your spouse will be awake at 6:00 am and goes to bed at midnight.

Even though you have another person living on the farm with you, he or she will not help you with taking care of your crops or tending to your animals. There are a few things that your spouse can do though:

Weekend Foraging

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On sunny Fridays and Saturdays, talk to your spouse a second time to ask for help with foraging for wild items. If you assign this chore to your spouse, the next morning your spouse will wake you up at 7:00 am (instead of at 6:00 am) and let you know that the collected items have been placed in your storage. Your spouse doesn't pick up everything in the Forest, River, or Mountain areas, but at least it's the thought that counts. Edible items go into your Refrigerator, building materials (e.g., rocks and branches) go into your Supply Shed, and the rest of the items go into the Storage box.

Unfortunately, your spouse won't tell you exactly what was collected. You'll just have to go into your storage and take a look.

When your child becomes old enough, and has at least 30,000 FP, you can assign the same chore to him or her.

Meal Time

Three times per day you can have a meal with your spouse. To cook a meal, go to your farmhouse table and press A from the side that doesn't have a chair. The meal availability times are from 6:00 am to 8:00 am (breakfast), 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (lunch), and 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (dinner). You can chose to cook the meal or have your spouse cook the meal. If you have a mature child, he/she will be one of the listed chefs too.

If you are the cook, you can select the recipe you'd like to cook or have the game randomly select a recipe. Specifying the recipe uses up ingredients, while randomly selecting the recipe conserves your stored ingredients. When your spouse cooks, he or she will use the random selection. The person you marry has no effect on the resulting cooked meal.

After the meal is prepared you will set down to eat it. Your spouse will make a comment on your cooking abilities, but it doesn't negatively impact you in any way. In fact, sharing a meal with your spouse will earn you +100 FP with him or her (and your child if he/she exists) and +50 FP with all of the other villagers. It doesn't matter who actually does the cooking; the +100 will be earned for any farmhouse chef.

If you are the cook and you specified the recipe to be prepared, that dish will be in your rucksack after the meal event (which is why this option consumes your ingredients).

A meal period will last 15 in-game minutes.


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On your birthday you can talk to the villagers to receive birthday gifts. When you're married, you can receive a dinner party with your spouse along with the villager gifts. Walk into your farmhouse between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm to have a meal and receive a gift from your spouse. Your spouse needs to be at a blue heart color or higher and you need to have room in your rucksack to receive the birthday gift. The party will last 1 hour, and you'll earn +500 FP with your spouse and child (if it exists).

You can celebrate your spouse's birthday in a similar way. The dinner party event will still occur inside your farmhouse between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm, but you won't give a gift during the event. Your gift to your spouse will have to be given just like a normal gift on his or her birthday. When you trigger the dinner event, you will be asked if you know what special occasion it is today. If you select the correct answer, you'll earn +500 FP with your spouse (and existing child). If you chose the wrong answer, then you'll get -5000 FP with your family, and your spouse will earn 5 Anger Points.

If your birthday is the same day as your spouse's birthday, you will celebrate it together with the same dinner event (i.e., you don't celebrate your birthday, exit your house, and re-enter to celebrate your spouse's birthday). You won't be prompted to guess what the day's event is for, and you will receive a birthday gift. If you want to give a birthday gift to your spouse, you'll have to do it outside of the dinner event, just like before.

If you have a child, you don't need to play any guessing games on the child's birthday; just walk into your house between 7 and 11 pm to have a dinner party.

Wedding Anniversary

While your anniversary date is marked on your farmhouse calendar, there is no wedding anniversary celebration or event that takes place. It is just a normal day in Echo Village.

There isn't a wedding anniversary in either the Japanese or North American version of the game.


Some of the festivals will change a little bit after you've married: