Farm Tools

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When you start your farm, Dunhill will give you a Sickle, Hoe, and Watering Can. You can use these tools to start growing crops in your fields. If you need duplicate tools, you can buy them from Hanna's general store for 60 G each. The rest of your tools will need to be given to you by other villagers or crafted in your workshop:

All of your tools will be in the Tools section of your rucksack. To equip a tool, press the Left Shoulder button on your 3DS to bring up the equipment ring menu. Press Left or Right on the directional pad to scroll through the tools you have inside your rucksack and then press A to equip the chosen one. Press A to use the equipped tool.

You can remove tools from your rucksack by placing them in the Toolbox that is inside of your farmhouse.

Tool Upgrades

Once your farm workshop becomes available after Spring 25, you can start to upgrade your tools. For five of the main tools (Watering Can, Sickle, Hoe, Hammer, and Axe), raise your friendship with Iroha to start upgrading your tools. She will give you the blueprints that you'll need for the upgrades. Iroha's friendship is very easy to increase. You just need to give her the rocks you pick up in the Forest, River, or Mountain areas. Each rock is +300 towards her friendship level with you. The last set of blueprints will be handed over once you have her at 13,000 FP.

To upgrade your fishing pole, you will need to raise your friendship with Kosaboro the fisherman. He'll give you the blueprint for the Master Rod once his friendship level reaches 6000.

The blueprints for the Speedy Milker, Speedy Clippers, and Speedy Brush are festival prizes for winning first place in the contest-style festivals.

To upgrade the tool, use the blueprint in your workshop and combine the required materials together. You will need to use the tool in the plans for the upgraded version of itself.

The Stethoscope, Bell, Fish Trap, Ice Drill, and Pitchfork don't have upgraded levels.