The Four Trophies

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Inside of your farm house, by the front door, is an empty shelf. You can earn small trophies for you house that will fit onto this shelf. There is a copper trophy, silver trophy, gold trophy, and a statuette. The trophies are awarded to you as you win festivals and the statue trophy is from Duhill.

Crop Festival Trophy

This copper trophy will be awarded to you after you have won the season crop festival in each category. There is a vegetable category, a fruit category, a flower category, and an other category. It won't matter what class you submit your entry into (beginner, intermediate, or advance) as long as you earn at least once victory in each of the categories.

Animal Festival Trophy

This silver trophy will be given to you after you have won all of the animal festivals at least once: Llama Festival (Spring 4), Yak Festival (Spring 18), Alpaca Festival (Summer 4), Cow Festival (Fall 4), Chicken Festival (Fall 21), and Sheep Festival (Winter 18). The class you choose to enter won't matter, as long as you earn a victory.

Champion Trophy

The gold trophy can be obtained by winning all of the festivals at least once. Besides crop and animal festivals, there is the Honey Festival (Spring 22), Critter Festival (Summer 15-18), Cooking Festival (Summer 21), and Fishing Festival (Fall 15-18). Since the Critter Festival and Fishing Festival are difficult to win, this may be the last trophy that you earn.

For the Honey and Cooking festivals, it won't matter what class you enter. You just need to earn a victory.

Toast of the Town Trophy

After you complete Town Restoration Plan #5, Dunhill will gather the villagers together in the plaza to celebrate your hard work. At that point he'll give you the small statuette for your trophy shelf.