The Southern Island

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The southern beach area is the first vacation trip you can take from Camellia Travel Agency shop. It will cost you 10,000 G per trip ticket, or 30,000 G if you take your wife and/or child. The plane trip only takes 1 hour and Charles will take you back to town at 9:00 pm.

A large part of the area is water, so you can't explore the entire map. On the land areas you can find critters, wild tropical fruit, coral, and sea shells. You can also find wild Monkeys and Turtles. The weather is always sunny.

The tropical fruit can become trees and crops on your farm. You will need to have the Seed Maker on your farm, and then simply put your foraged fruit into the Seed Maker. You can then grow Cactus flowers, Pineapple crops, and Cacao, Mango, and Banana trees.

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The challenge is that Mango and Banana are from the remote island in the far south end of the map. The only way to reach this island is to befriend the wild Turtles that crawl in the surf. Turtles like to eat fish, so go fishing at either of the two docks or the fish trap spot on the eastern shore. You need to raise the Turtle group friendship points to 800. Feeding a Turtle will earn you +20 FP and picking it up will be +10. Since you can only do this once per trip, it will take you at least 27 trips to the Beach before you can access the south island and its special fruit.

Note that the Turtles will indicate they really like you when they have music notes above their head, which occurs at 701 FP. You need to keep giving gifts until they reach 800 FP and you trigger the cut scene with Charles.

To use the turtle ferry, talk to the turtle next to the Fish Trap spot. Talk to it again to return to the shoreline.

The other island has a series of rocks you can jump across. You can find Cactus, Cocoa, Pearl, and the Elephant Beetle there.

Up by the hamock you'll find Janline, who lives on the Beach. On your 3rd visit to the area, talk to Janline and he'll give you the Beach Chair plan and Beach Parasol Table plan. Once you have those two, and you have collected 10 Cactus flowers, Janline will give you the Potted Cactuses plan. If you make 5 Beach Chairs and 5 Beach Parasol Tables, press A by the hamock to find the Hamock plan.

There are two fishing dock spots but you'll catch the same fish from either location.